If you’re a traveler as I am, you sure know how important it is to know the fair value of your trip, and be able to save money while flying. But it takes a long time to check so many different websites for deals, and then go back to Google and check your favorite airline’s website once again. This is why flight price predictor tools have been created in order to help us make traveling easier, and cheaper.

Some of these tools and applications are meant to showcase the deals that suit your interest, some others are trying to compare prices and show what the cheapest airfares are. While a few years ago it was difficult to find any type of software that could help, now it’s hard to choose which one’s the best. In this piece we’re going to tell you a bit more about eight of the most relevant airplane deal comparison apps, so you can choose the flight that suit you.

Best Flight Predictor Tools and Apps



My favorite flight price predictor tool is and will probably continue to be Skyscanner, because it’s very good at showing you what airfares are going to look like in the next year. Most of the tools we know tend to only show details regarding the next month or first few months, but only few of them go as far as a year.


In addition to that, it is also able to help you decide where you’d like to go. If you still don’t know where you’d like to spend your next holiday, you can simply enter the area or country you’re looking for, and the cheapest flights will be shown. For example, when I was looking for options in the United States, I simply had to add the location I was departing from, and a wide variety of low fares would be shown to me. I could either go to California, Florida, or many other locations.

On the bright side, this tool can help you cut costs by researching indirect routes, either than only direct flights. On the bad side, though, the “flexible” feature that used to be included is not available anymore. This one was helping you by suggestion near-by locations – if you wanted to go to Bonn or Koln in Germany, it would also suggest cheaper versions that took you to Dusseldorf or Dortmund.



You’ve probably heard of Kayak before – this one is basically a flight price comparison tool that searches through many websites at the same time, in order to come up with the best deals for you. All you have to do is go on the website, enter the details of your trip, and wait for it to do its job.

If you’re not in a hurry, Kayak is also going to show you the best options during the next couple of months. Look for the tiny map showing the flight price prediction for a particular route. And if you don’t find anything too exciting at the moment, you also have the option of setting an alert. This one will send you an email whenever you want – it can be scheduled to alert you daily, weekly, or only monthly. Whatever option you go for, this will send you the best options for your preferred destination.


Because traveling tends to be even more complicated when you’re a student, the StudentUniverse tool is especially dedicated to them. While some other websites simply try to inform you about the best options, this one tells us it actually negotiates prices for you.

By working directly with the main airlines in the world, this tool is able to provide students with deals to choose from. As they say, “we are able to negotiate special fares because airlines can depend on our patented verification technology to make sure that students are the ones benefiting from these reduced fares.” So, long story short, don’t try to trick them into thinking you’re a student if you’re not!

STA Travel


Working in a similar way as the tool before, this one is also dedicated to students. It works with many global airlines in order to negotiate and win some of the most exclusive traveling deals. To be able to take advantage of this website, you don’t only have to be a student, but also under the age of 26.

Thanks to STA Travel students can book their next tickets for traveling, for their internships or volunteering trips they have planned at a reduced price. Plus they are also able to change their departure and arrival after purchasing the tickets, as STA is the only one providing flexible dates. Isn’t that even better than merely being a flight price predictor?


Momondo is a well-known traveling resource that takes a look at over 700 websites before choosing the best fares and deals. The reason why it works so well is that the company designed robots that search for flights just as a human would.

Although a very good tool to use, it has the disadvantage of being specially designed for Europe. This means it can work great if you’re looking for flights to Amsterdam, Rome, Prague or Budapest. However, it’s not going to help you find great deals for going to the United States, APAC or Africa.


If you are traveling just for fun, Priceline might be the best option you have. Why is that? Because it requires some flexibility in order to find the best deals – once you’re not stuck with specific dates for your trips, it can help you save up to 50%, using the proprietary flight price predictor algorithm.

This tool works by choosing off-peak flights for you and using connections. This way, you’re not flying when everyone else is to a typical summer location. At the same time, you may stop in a few places, have an hour to change the plane, or you might as well have a long time to wait, which allows you to visit that location, too.

On the other hand, this website is only going to provide you with the dates of your flights. This means that you will find out when the plane is leaving and when you should take your flight back after you made the purchase.



The AirfareWatchDog tool was initially created to find the best fares. However, it recently turned into an alerts tool that allows you to enter the details of your ideal trip and sends you the best deals at a later time. You only decide where you want to go and what the latest date is then you start receiving alerts.

They are typically emailed to you every day, a few times a week or only once every week. It is very popular because it covers most airlines and is sure to also include smaller carriers. This way, you can go to places in South Africa or even Asia without having to worry about the price.



Last but not least, one of the most advance airfare price predictor tools available online is Fare Compare. This website compares flights’ prices from over 500 airlines from all over the world and is known to collect information about old and current airfares. This enables them to tell you what the best price is, whether you should wait before you purchase your ticket or not.

Being dedicated to true travelers, it also includes many tips and suggestions, while it comes with a Getaway Map. This one is meant for those of you who haven’t decided where to go yet – it’s an interactive, user-friendly map that shows you where you could go with the budget you have.

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