Many Windows users are having serious problems accommodating to Windows 8, let alone Windows RT, which is almost a complete failure. But Microsoft is either too blind in order to see it, or it just doesn’t want to admit that it made a big mistake. When there weren’t too many cheap Windows 8 tablets, the Surface tablets powered by Windows RT had a chance of success, but now their mission is even harder. Nonetheless, the tablets might come with some interesting features, both hardware and software, that could make you forget that it’s not running a full-fledged Windows version.

Today, Microsoft has sent out press invitations for an even on May which the company refers to as a “small gathering”. And shortly after that, some websites have already shared exclusive details related to the upcoming Surface Mini which could launch at the said event. Microsoft will promote the upcoming Surface Mini as a note-taking friendly device thanks to deep penetration of OneNote into the platform. To further highlight this purpose of the tablet and to make it stand from other mini-tablets, it’s said to come with a very accurate and high quality stylus.

As you already learned from the title, the Surface Mini is expected to come with a size of 8 inch and it will have a cover available that will work as a stand. However, according to the leak, it won’t come with a built-in kickstand, as it will be available as a separate accessory. It’s also possible that there could be a new color option with the Surface Mini launch. The tablet will be based on the ARM architecture, so it will come with Windows RT 8.1. As a matter of fact, if you didn’t know this yet, Microsoft is the single OEM who is still building Windows RT devices.

The sources say that a June launch is on the cards and it could come at a price point of around $299, but it’s also possible to see it get launched at only $199, since there are full-fledged Windows 8 tablets such as the Dell Venue 8 Pro at that price. There are still two more weeks from the purported launch, so that’s when we’ll know for sure all the details.

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From the way I see it, the single way for Microsoft to succeed with Windows RT is to make some badass Surface tablets with impressive hardware that will make you overlook the software. But that’s pretty hard to do. Your move, Nadella.
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