More rumors have been recently piling up, suggesting that Google is preparing a cloud service bookmarking tool called Google Stars that would allow Chrome browser users to move web pages, images, videos, emails, Maps locations, Google+ pages, Drive documents and more to a library. Google+ user Florian Kiersch has leaked a video and screenshots of the upcoming Google Stars which show in detail how the new service would work.

It looks like the Google Stars frontend (the interface we users get to see) is still under heavy development, which means that current functionality is still limited (still dogfood) and might change. The web interface for mobile does look more like a mockup than a working interface atm., which is why I didn’t bother to add those screenshots here. Additionally I don’t have the Chrome extension for Stars which might enhance functionality further, so the current impression is incomplete at best.

Inside Google Stars, you will be able to mark certain items as favorites and they will always show up on the main screen. There’s also an option to break those down by folders and filters and you will have to name and describe each folder. The structure is pretty much the basic one that we find in Google drive, with folders that can be included in parent folders. Also, the search option will be front and center with auto-complete and suggestions and the bookmarks will be shown as images with the option to add notes. Besides that, drag and drop support will be included, which will make it really easy to gather all your items in a single place.

Google Stars will also come with filters which will automatically organize content and spam detection will be built-in. Naturally, you will be able to share those folders that you mark as public. There also seems to be an option to export bookmarks, but most likely they will come with a format which you will be able to open only with Google Stars. Since Google Stars will be a cloud service, it will be coming to Chrome via a web app or extension. Also, an Android and iOS app could also be on the cards.  The Google I/O conference takes place on 25-26 June in San Francisco and that’s when the new service is expected to get launched.

megafon What we think of this
I am looking forward to this new service, since by bookmarks are a real mess! And I’m sure that I’m not the single one in this situation

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