Legion Meter is another new KickStarter project which comes with a bold purpose – to accelerate your smartphone or tablet charging process. If you’re interested in this topic, you can also have a look at our previous article with really useful tips and tricks on how to make charging faster on smartphones and tablets. The Legion Meter is touted as a mix between a USB multimeter and a charge accelerator, coming with an ultra compact design that you can attach it to your computer or AC adapter. The charge accelerator comes with two modes- Apple mode for iOS devices and Android mode for smartphones and tablets.

Legion Meter’s intelligent algorithms learn how you’re using your devices and calculates your energy usage at roughly 500 times/second giving you ultra accurate power metering. Legion Meter’s high contrast OLED display shows you precisely your USB port’s voltage, current, power and also includes a precise mAh capacity meter counter for you to diagnose the batteries of all of your portable electric devices. Legion Meter also employs many additional advanced features such as automatic screen saver mode, a double buffering graphics processor for seamless OLED transitions and intelligent battery monitoring algorithms.

The built-in multimeter with its integrated OLED display shows the voltage, current, power and milliwatt hours, so that you are in full control of the charging cycle. The Watt Hour (mWh) mode is useful for analyzing the storage capacity of batteries and lets you discover the true storage capacity of batteries. The technology that powers the PLX Charge Accelerator converts any USB port to optimize the charge speed by signaling your mobile device to safely draw the maximum amount of charge. According to experimental data, here are some examples of increased charging speed with certain devices:

  • 73% maximum gain with the iPhone 5
  • 92% maximum gain with the iPhone 4s, 4
  • 34% maximum gain with the iPad, iPad Mini

The intelligent OLED display inside the Legion Meter is derived from two other PLX successfully funded Kickstarter projects called Legion and Luxor.  You can get one Legion Meter with charge accelerator and integrated multimeter OLED display for the price of $44. It’s interesting to observe that they had quite a low funding goal of $10,000 which has been quickly crossed as there are currently more than 1,700 bakers with a total pledged amount of more than $77,000.

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