“Sitting is the smoking of our generation” say the makers of Darma, a smart cushion that you just on and it tells you how fast your heart is beating, if your posture is good and other things. Most of us working in offices or in front of our computers sit for way too long and this is affecting our health on the long term. There have been invented several devices, reminder apps and software to help us fight against this, but perhaps one of the best ideas yet is Darma.

We spent 5 years researching fiber-optic sensor technology to develop a thin (1 mm), high-sensitivity sensor that can record your body’s micro-movements (patent pending). Our goal was to take this expensive technology and make it affordable, and we’re proud to offer it to you now.

Darma will soon launch its own Kickstarter campaign and you will be able to buy the smart cushion for only $149, and once and if it meets the crowdfunding goal, it will be available for a retail price of  $249. It will come with a companion app which will notify you of your heart rate, respiration levels, stress level and even if your posture is correct or not. Also, it will come with stand-up and posture reminders which will take into account your stress level, sitting time, and posture, and motivate you to get up! Another cool feature is the “meditation minute”, so, if the smart cushion detects high stress, after analyzing your heart rate and respiration, it suggests a guided meditation.

The Darma smart cushion utilizes thin 1mm sensors that can detect even the tiniest body movements, thus being a really useful tool against back pains, as well. If you’ve been sitting for too long, Darma will alert you to stand up and stretch; if you’re bending your back in a unhealthy way, it’ll prompt you to sit up straight. At the moment, Darma only has an iOS app, but they plan on releasing an Android version in the future, as well. The battery is well hidden inside the cushion, so that you sitting on it won’t affect it, and it’s said to last a month when fully charged.

Darma is yet in its early stage and we’ll be able to see more details of it when it launches somewhere in June, this year. While this truly looks as a promising device, I suspect there will be certain drawbacks with it, such as its use in the office. Let’s face it, not all of the bosses in the world will accept for their employees to sit in a lotus position, be it for a single minute. Anyway, have a look at the video from below to see the product in action.


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