When it’s hot outside, you want to make sure that at least the space you live in is well cooled and that you can have a good sleep or just mind around your business without having to sweat all day. For that, we use air conditioning system, but, most of them aren’t as smart as we’d want them to be. Sure, they do come with a remote, but nowadays, when everything is getting more and more connected, it feels as if we’d like something more.


That’s the same feeling that founders of the tado° Cooling device have had. That’s why they came up with an intelligent system which turns virtually any air conditiniong unit into a smart device which comes with such features as: auto-off, precooling, indoor presence detection and single room control. At the moment, the team is seeking to reach a $150,000 goal, and there are already almost 800 backers who have pledged more than half that amount with 28 days still to go. The cheapest price that you can get the tado is $99, which is still $50 less than the future retail price of $149.
Tado works by connecting to your AC unit via infrared and then back to your smartphone via WiFi in order for you to control its settings via the dedicated app. When you are leaving your place, tado automatically turns your AC off and it pre-cools or heats up your place when you’re approaching. Even more, when you’re inside and moving between rooms, thanks to Bluetooth and iBeacon standards, it adjusts its temperature and humidity accordingly.

The tado smart device comes with a capacitive surface which allows for manual control of the AC and thanks to the LED matrix, you will be able to get all the relevant information that you need. The app is available for iOS and Android devices and lets you tell tado when you’re leaving or approaching the home and also comes with insightful reports for your AC unit behavior, temperature and activity. Tado is compatible with most AC units, in-window, wall hanging, portable or even central.

megafon What we think of this
I was never a fan of air conditioning units, mostly because the air that it “makes” is not so healthy, but neither is living in big humidity and with increased temperatures. So, for those who can’t live without AC, this is a must-have.

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