Moments ago, we shared with you the news that Xiaomi has finally released their very first tablet, the MiPad. At the same event which took place in Beijing, the Chinese company also introduced their first 4K TV which comes with one of the most affordable prices in this new range of products – bout $640. This 49-inch TV comes with built-in Android, heavily modified into a MIUI TV skin.
The Chinese company introduced its first smart TV in the month of September, last year and now it upgrades it with a 4K TV, dubbed “MI TV 2“, which can easily side-load other TV apps. The device comes with a 4K 3D panel made by either LG or CSOT inside a 6.2mm aluminum bezel. The smart TV is powered by a 1.45GHz quad-core MediaTek CPU and 2GB of RAM. There’s only 8GB of built-in space but you can increase it up to 64GB of via the microSD slot.

The MI TV 2 carries a Bluetooth Low-energy remote instead of the old infrared version. So, if you lose it, you can easily find it by tapping the bottom of the TV which will make the remote beep. There’s also the option to install the remote app on your smartphone, where you can use gestures and voice to control the TV and get related information about what’s on the TV.

The 49-inch Mi TV is now two inches bigger than its predecessor and wighs 12.9kg, which is 30 percent less than its predecessor. In order to keep the TV at only 15.5mm thin, which is around one-quarter thinner than the first generation smart TV, Xiaomi has put the speakers in separate parts. They can be connected to the TV via Bluetooth but you can also use them from your mobile devices.

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The price of this TV has definitely raised some eyebrows, but the bad part is that it seems it’ll only be available for Chinese customers for the time being

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