You will be happy to hear that this week we’re featuring a lot of awesome Android games, since there have been some awesome titles featured on the Play Store recently. In case you missed our previous week’s list, do have a look at it now and also check out our weekly list with some of the best new Windows apps and software, as well. And now, without further ado, let’s have a look at this week’s top 10 new Android apps and games.

Yahoo News Digest (Free)

Yahoo! is further extending its mobile expansion with the launch of the Yahoo News Digest app for Android users which comes with a “summary of all the important, need-to-know news” that happen around you. You will get “news digests” twice a day- in the morning and in the evening. The top stories are summarized and constituted out of “atoms” – key quotes, images, videos, maps, infographs, and Wikipedia excerpts.

Portal ($9.99)

portalPortal is a game that any true gamer out there has definitely heard about and now it’s been released for Android users, as well. However, at the moment it is only available for owners of the Nvidia Shield gaming console, which is a real gaming machine. Portal is a hybrid of FPS and puzzle style gaming, which is set in the mysterious Aperture Science Laboratoris where you have to solve puzzles and challenges by opening portals and maneuvering objects. The game is also renowned for its witty gameplay.

Waygo (Free)

There are many translator apps available for Android users, but there are some which are specialized only in certain languages, such as Waygo. The new app is one of the best translator tools for Chinese and Japanese languages which helps you instantly translate printed Chinese or Japanese text to English just by using your smartphone camera. And you don’t have to worry about data charges, as it can work completely offline. So, if you’re travelling to these countries, this is a must-have.

Godzilla: Strike Zone (Free)

godzilla-strike-zoneGodzilla 3D is now out on theaters across the world and if you want to continue the fun on your mobile devices, as well, then go ahead and download the free Godzilla: Strike Zone game. Inside the game, you join a squadron of military heroes who must face and stop Godzilla. You will air-drop into a devastated San Francisco and embark on a series of first-person rescue missions which will look great on your Android smartphone or tablet.

PingTune Music Messenger (Free)

The PingTune Music Messenger start-up has gotten a lot of attention these days and it’s now launched for Android users with the purpose of letting you browse and share music on YouTube and SoundCloud. Not only music, but you can also share videos and messages, so that way you can chat together about your favorite songs and bands. And the most amazing part of this service is that it is completely free. So, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t check it out.

Transformers: Age Of Extinction (Free)

Another game made after a movie, Transformers: Age Of Extinction has already been launched for Android devices, despite the fact that the movie is yet to hit cinemas. With the app, you will get the play weekly missions, but there’s also going to be videos and special content as the launch of the movie is getting closer. There aren’t too many screenshots detailing the gameplay, but it seems that it will also have a multiplayer game mode, as well.

Half-Life 2 ($9.99)

Half-Life 2 is one of the best PC games of all time and it’s now been released for Android, only that for the time being it can be played only on the Nvidia Shield. You play as research scientist Gordon Freeman on an alien-infested Earth where you must fight your way through. Digital actors, an advanced artificial intelligence, stunning graphics and an impressive physical gameplay are the reasons why one should give it a try.

Word Monsters (Free)

Word Monsters is a free social word game that you can play with your friends and players around the world, being developed by Rovio, the creator of Angry Birds. The game comes with over 25 themes packed with related words and there’s also the ability to add some personality to your avatar. At the moment, Word Monsters is available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Russian and Portuguese languages.

MLB Perfect Inning (Free)

MLB Perfect Inning is a new baseball game that looks pretty awesome on your Android device and comes with quite a big size of 1.2 GB. The game comes with all 30 MLB teams including a roster of 215 distinctly modeled players. You have the option to build an all-star team, so that you stand better chances at winning the championship. So, if you like baseball, this is a must-download.

1849 ($4.99)

18491849 is an awesome city-building game with the action taking place in California, in the approaching Gold Rush and your purpose is to become an overnight mining magnate. For that, you will build towns, populate them with workers, and keep your citizens housed, fed, and entertained; just like a true city-building titles. The games comes with plenty of features which make it one of the best titles of its kind.

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