They are both products followed by millions. And millions swear by them. At them. And for them. Information is leaked out them. Rumours proliferate. And everyone and their nanny is out to get a preview of them.

We are talking about famous TV series. Oh, and smartphones.

They may seem different but scratch the surface, and at the end of the day, you will find that they share more than just a high degree of silicon. Which is why we thought that we would spend some time pairing them together and seeing which fitted best with which. The results were… fascinating:

Yep, we are talking of TV series and flagship smartphones.

1. Galaxy S5: 24: Live Another Day


Not Jack Bauer again. Not those same time bound plots. Not that “I have to save the world” line yet again. And yet 24 continues to hold viewers enthralled with its familiar if well-presented script. Just like the Galaxy S5 – people have complained that it is very similar to its predecessors and has nothing spectacularly different. What it does have however is some of the best hardware you can find on a smartphone, and that Super AMOLED display is to it what Kiefer Sutherland is to 24. Yes, predictable, but well, the viewers still love it, so go suck eggs!

2. HTC One (M8): Sherlock


Sleek, brilliant looking and utterly classy. Uttering all the right lines, and turning heads all the way. Well, that’s Sherlock – and the HTC One (M8), with the delectably brushed metal back being the equivalent of the mesmerizing Benedict Cumberbatch. And just as Martin Freeman plays an able – if overshadowed – foil to Cumberbatch, so does the M8’s excellent hardware, which is alas, reduced to the status of a spectator in the face of so much design brilliance. Like John Watson, however, it too exists, and plays its role in making Sherlock Holmes – and the M8 – the stars they are.

3. Sony Xperia Z2: Suits


Tough, handsome and bloody clever as hell – those are the adjectives that best describe Mike Ross and Harvey Specter. They get into tough spots but time and again come out with flying colours and more than a hint of a twinkle in their eyes. And of course, everyone loves them for their appearance as well as their performance in court. That’s a bit like the Xperia Z2 too – it combines some very hefty hardware in a very sleek form factor, and packs it all between two gorgeous sheets of glass and looks natty as hell in black– a bit like Messrs. Ross and Specter in those black suits. A rare combination of style and substance, who often don’t get the credit they deserve. The Z2 will know that feeling.

4. LG G3: Elementary


Yes, there have been many attempts to reinterpret the Holmes Watson stories but none have perhaps been as militantly different as Elementary, where Watson is actually a lady helping a drug addled Sherlock Holmes survive. The G3 similarly sticks out from the Android crowd because it dares kick convention – the tap to wake system, the buttons at the back. Yes, it is the same Android, but it is rather different from what we know it to be. Just as Elementary is unlike any Sherlock Holmes we have seen before. But is just as riveting.

5. iPhone 5s: Game of Thrones


It will be criticized, called superficial, accused of catering to a niche…and of not being released in India and China at the same time that it has been in the US and Europe, but cometh the time, and people sit down enraptured in front of the TV adaptation of George RR Martin’s epic series. Just as in spite of all the talk of being “a closed platform” and “overpriced”, people queued up for the iPhone 5s. In both cases, sheer, style and presentation have played their parts to attract attention. As have notable lead characters. Eddard Stark. Tyrion Lannister. Steve Jobs. Jony Ive….

6. Nexus 5: Seinfeld


You can have all the expensive sets and amazing camera angles and Hollywood level stunts, but at the end of the day, you cannot beat the combination of great actors and a witty script, no matter how simply or roughly presented. And that represents both the Nexus 5, which eschews the bells and whistles of other Android devices as it plows a path for simplicity, and Seinfeld did. It might not look the greatest, but just as its fans swear by the show, so do Nexus users.

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