Although summer is here, and school is almost over now, it’s always best to be prepared at all times. Both students and teachers have difficult jobs to do – they both have to know their lesson for the day, be ready to give examples and make sure everyone understands what they’re trying to explain. This is why you should take advantage of the upcoming holiday and come back to school with some new tools.

I’m talking about apps and software that make life a lot easier when in classroom. Whether it is productivity you’re worried about, math and science, literature, history, geography or arts, there is something for every subject. Let’s take a look at some of the best offers that developers came up with!



The Edmodo app has been designed to serve teachers as it helps them better collaborate and engage with their students. It can help you organize discussions in class while you can also track the development of each student and share files with them.

Most of the 34 million users said that it looks just like a social network, and it helps everyone communicate with the others. Apart from helping professors, the same application also serves students, and this is why their website has to sections for logging in – one for teachers and the other one for students.


If you’re a student, you can submit your assignment, so you don’t have to come to school for that, while teachers are able to directly assign work and essays to whomever they have to directly on the network. It also lets you design calendars including all the activities you need to schedule. You want to know something even more amazing? This is a free tool, and it works on Android, Windows and iOS devices.

Some of its most powerful features are the professional learning networks that it comes with, as well as the resource library and the activity feed for the classroom. It comes in English and requires iOS 6.0 or a newer version, and it is suited for Android OS 2.3 or up, as well as Windows OS minimum v7.5.


Being aimed at kids in K21 and KS2, this tool is similar to the previous one and can also be used in secondary schools. It currently includes a little bit of everything: math practice, handwriting, spelling, reading, quizzes, money counting, etc.

Whether you’re a parent, school or teacher, eduDroid can help your children and students learn while they engage with technology. The tool can be installed for free if you’re interested in the 30 days trials. However, once that expires, there will be a $250 fee for a full year and unlimited devices.

As the name suggests it, eduDroid only works on Android and requires version 2.2 or up. The good news is that it’s been designed to suit all Android phones and tablets with no exception. The App Lock feature helps prevent children from using other apps while they’re playing with your device.

By connecting a wide number for Android devices to eduDroid, the entire class can participate in the same activities. For example, thanks to the Voting Pad every child can answer set questions and the teachers are going to receive real-time statistics of their results. Feel free to watch the video above for more information about the tool!



Goodreads may be different from the other two apps we’ve previously discussed, but it is an interesting one for reading. Whether you’re in high school and have to finish reading some of the mandatory books or you’re studying literature in college, this application is very resourceful and helpful.

If you’re a teacher, it lets you make recommendations for your students and share links with them rather than just names of books. This way, you will make sure to catch their attention and convince them to continue reading.

The tool can be used on iOS and Android devices, and it requires version 5.0 in case of the first one and 1.5 for the second. Coming in English and Italian, it is compatible with most iPhones, iPads and iPods, as well as all Android tablets and phones.

Thanks to the bar scanner feature, you can quickly access the book you were looking for by simply scanning the right code. Plus its latest version – updated in March 2014 – has fixed all previous bugs to improve the reliability and performance of this option.

Khan Academy


Khan Academy is a free educational website that also comes with its own app. Initially created to help students brush up on their math skills, the application now includes science, humanities, economics and finance, computing and many others.

All material in each section is ordered by grade and specific subject, while modules come with interesting videos that are also available on Youtube. Anyone can ask questions and be sure to get a quick answer from the administrative staff at Khan Academy.

In addition to all this, there are math contests to take part in, and preparation for GMAT, MCAT and other exams is included. The app is free to download, and there is a version for iOS, as well as Android, Windows and Blackberry.

The tool comes in English, Finnish, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and plenty of other languages. It comes with easy instructions for installing and using it, and it requires iOS 6.0 or Android v2.2, Windows 8, BlackBerry OS v10.



Another educational website is the animated one for kids – BrainPOP. Unsurprisingly, this one also has an app for technology lovers, and it is suitable for Android, iOS and Windows phones. Also known under the name of BrainPOP – Featured Movie this app offers films about almost any topic.

Science, Math, historical features, current events, English, Arts & Music, Technology and Engineering, Health and many others are part of the available subjects. It is ideal for kids in grades 3 to 8 (aged 8 to 14), but it can also be used in high school.

After each movie you watched, there is a related quiz that tests your knowledge. This tool can be used to practice at home or simple learn more about the world, but it is also an excellent one to have as a teacher. This way you can easily share animated films related to the class’s topic to your students.

Coming only in English, the app requires iOS 5.0 or a newer one; it works on Android 2.2/up, as well as Windows 8. See more about their award-winning content for education purposes on their official website or download any of the free apps to learn more.

Barefoot World Atlas

The Barefoot World Atlas app may not be free, but it is an amazing tool for all iOS devices. It comes with hundreds of hand-painted drawings, as well as animations that familiarize you with the entire globe. At the same time, you can also check how the music style changes as you move from one region to the next one.

It is suitable for both small children, as well as older ones, as it allows the first ones to play and explore the 3D globe, while the latter can discover facts like live data for each and every country. The app comes with puzzles and quizzes that let you test your knowledge of the learned facts, and the videos it includes make learning more fun.

It costs $1.99 to download Barefoot World Atlas from the iTunes Store, and you can decide whether you’d like it installed in English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese or Catalan. The requirements are an iPhone, tablet or iPod Touch that runs on iOS v7.0 or later.

Launched as a partnership between Touch Press and Barefoot Books, this application looks like an interactive globe for kids ages 9 to 11. You can turn the globe around and pinch it to zoom in and out. See more about the way it works in the video above.


DIY is an app for all of you artsy people out there. While it is only for iOS users, it requires version 5.0 or a higher one of this operating system. It is dedicated to kids aged 9 to 11, and it helps them learn more about art, while they can share ideas with others.

The tool is free and comes in English, as well as Polish, French, Dutch, German, Spanish and Portuguese. Apart from iPhones, it is also suitable for iOS-powered tablets and iPod Touches running on the same version of OS.

It basically meant to help kids learn new skills while they’re making new friends. It can also be used in class to learn how to be a jewelry designer, a philosopher, a linguist, actor, animator, architect and many others.  Some of the most impressive animations, drawings and similar pieces of arts are going to be voted and pop up on the homepage of the official website.

Now there is also DIY TV that is available on Youtube and teaches kids how to draw, design and animate some of the most amazing things. As part of a class in school, it can be used to design projects that are going to help each student gain extra points and move on to the next level.

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