We’re back with yet another exciting supplement of PC apps, extensions and update. Several enticing software landed on Windows platform which you’re hopefully going to like.

This week we’ve an app that lets you stream movies, a web service that helps you find good movies to watch, an extension to kill Football World Cup spoilers, another extension to bring Facebook’s Chat Head feature to Chrome and much more!

Modern Apps

Wuaki.tv (Type: Free, OS: Windows – all versions, Size: 3.5MB)


Earlier this month, Rakuten shook hands with Microsoft to bring its popular streaming service to Windows 8. The dedicated app lets you either pay a monthly subscription and watch unlimited premium content, or rent selective titles. The service, however, as of now, is only available to UK, Andorra, and Spain customers. The Wuaki.tv app lets you stream full HD content across several popular platforms. Furthermore, you can also mirror the content to a larger screen using Chromecast.

Desktop Software

Chrome 64-bit (Type: Free, OS: Windows – all versions, Size: 40MB)

We are all familiar with this popular browser, so why would we recommend this? Right? Well, Chrome has been around for 6 years and until early this week, the browser was built for 32-bit processors. While it worked fine on 64-bit machines as well, though, the native 64-bit software wasn’t available till now. This week, the native 64-bit version of the application hit the Canary and Developer channels of the browser.

The new version, as Google describes, is faster, securer and stabler. Also, it utilizes Windows 8’s addressing modules to improve its performance and security aspects.

Anti Snooper (Type: Free, OS: Windows – all versions, Size: 4MB)

If you don’t want others to look into your computer while you’re away– at least, not look at what you were doing on a particular application (a browser, word processor, image viewer, media player), you can install Anti Snooper on your system to scramble (or make darker or fainted) a particular application’s (or a set of defined applications) data. You don’t have to fire up any application to do that, just hover your mouse to outside of the Window and Anti Snooper will do the rest task for you. You can have the things scrambled at particular time intervals as well.

MyImgur (Type: Free, OS: Windows – all versions, Size: 3.3 MB)

Most of us use the popular image hosting website Imgur to upload images. But the Web version requires just too many clicks — also not to forget that you’ve to visit the website everytime. If you want to reduce a few steps, you can install MyImgur on your Windows system. MyImgur, although isn’t the official client of the service, but it works like charm.

Slim Cleaner (Type: Free, OS: Windows – all versions, Size: 15MB)

It’s that time of the year when many kids will buy new laptops. Vast majority will go for Windows laptops, picking devices from HP, Lenovo, Samsung and other manufacturers. The problem is that these partners install several useless — better known as bloatware on the machine, that nobody needs. Slim Cleaner helps you delete those software from your system. In case you come across a software that you aren’t sure if deleted, Slim Cleaner offers suggestions from other users as well.

Browser Extensions and Online Services



There are enough movie streaming websites. However, the other issue — and for many people the bigger issue that most of us face is what movie should we actually watch. You don’t want to spend your next two hours of the previous day watching some sluggish movie. A newborn service Movienr aims to help you with that. While the registration doesn’t take much time, it even lets you try the service without registering – a feature that most of us appreciate. The website lets you find the movie of your taste by letting you narrow down the year of movie’s release, the genre, its rating, and several other factors. There are various more sections that you may find interesting on the website.


Couple of months ago, Facebook introduced Chat heads — the tiny circular objects that sit on your active screen on Android phones, letting you communicate with your friends without minimizing other things. If you find that feature useful, and would like to see something similar on your desktop, Faces.im is your best shot. Available as a Chrome extension, Faces.im works fine with group conversations as well.

Spoiler Spoiler

As if Game of Thrones’ rumors and spoilers weren’t enough, in coming weeks a better part of your Facebook and Twitter feeds will be flooded with Football World Cup updates. But fret not, just like every other event, we have got you covered this time as well. Download Spoiler Spoiler extension on your Chrome browser, and you can easily avoid all the Football stories. Another handy feature of this add-on tells you how many spoilers are there on any given page. Good news for people who tape matches as well.

Hide Likes on Facebook Notifications

If you don’t like getting notifications every time someone likes your status, photo or any other activity on Facebook, Hide Likes on Facebook Notifications, a Firefox add-on as its name suggests will block those.

Too Long, Didn’t Read

The internet offers several long-form articles every day. There will come a time when you simply won’t have enough time to read the entire thing. Named after the catchy modern phrase, Too Long, Didn’t Read (TL;DR), the extension summarizes the articles into few words, letting you get the gist of the content. The tool actually lets you decide how big the summary should be, which is pretty cool.

Software Updates

Several applications picked update this week. Chief among them include Opera 22 — which added several new themes, Pale Moon, Paint.NET, and OneNote.

Tip of the Week: Blame your ISP for slow YouTube buffering

Google released a report that will help you find the bottleneck on why YouTube videos are buffering slowly. Furthermore, it analyzes your ISP’s speed and let you know if it is your ISP who should be blamed for all the buffering mess.

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