Last year Sony introduced their set-top box, a device which allowed PlayStation Vita owners to connect their console to a TV and play their games on a larger screen. The device is now available only in Japan, under the name of PlayStation Vita TV, which will be re-branded when it crosses into US soil as PlayStation TV.

With this move Sony is engaging Apple who’s also marketing their set-top box (Apple TV) as well as Amazon’s Fire TV. Sony’s announcement came Monday at the E3 conference where they also announced the price of the device, but didn’t mention the exact date when the PlayStation TV will hit the shelves.


Sony to launch $99 PlayStation TV later this year

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita owners will be very interested in Sony’s set-top box, as it allows them to stream PS4 and PS Vita content to a different HD TV than the one they have their console connected to. This allows users to quickly switch rooms and still enjoy their favourite games, either from their PS4 or PS Vita.

The company announced that the PlayStation TV is intended to further bridge the gap between the PS Vita and TVs, and this claim is being backed by the fact that the PlayStation TV will be optimized for streaming PS Vita games. Also during this announcement, Sony has informed us that the device will be able to run older PlayStation games, and as such, there will be around 1000 titles available at launch.

Overall, Sony built the PlayStation TV from the ground up with gaming in mind (and particularly game streaming), but the device will also be able to stream from online TV services such as Hulu or Netflix. As mentioned before, the PlayStation TV will be available this year (no exact date mentioned) with a starting price of $99. Additionally, users who wish opt for a package deal consisting of the PlayStation TV and a PS3 controller will have to put down $139.

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