Garmin in one of the most well known navigation services in the world. Their software cover a wide range of services and with the launch of their new GPS apps for Android and iOS, the company is introducing us to the next step in personal navigation. Alongside turn-by-turn navigation, Garmin Víago offers its users some much needed options which make the app stand out from any other GPS service.

The beauty of Víago is that it offers its users features which usually come with a much higher price tag than the $2 the company is asking for the app. Even more, you can now pick up the app from the Play Store or iTunes market for as little as $0.99 (until July 13). Additional features are available as in-app purchases.

What do you get with Garmin Víago?


The list of features shows how comprehensive the app is. Even from the get-go, you’ll have access to a ton of features which will definitely improve your navigation experience. The company is aiming at making their app more “human” by providing users with next-generation turn-by turn navigation. Let’s take a quick look at what Garmin Víago has to offer:

  • Three day weather forecast including destination weather
  • International map browsing
  • Turn-by-Turn navigation with landmarks and buildings
  • Lane assist with photo-realistic junctions
  • Current speed and speed limit information
  • Live traffic with automatic re-routing
  • Panorama view which shows 3D terrain
  • Offline maps
  • Public transportation and urban navigation

Although the app comes out of the box loaded with lots of features, the emphasis is placed on customization and in-app purchases, so that the user can gain access only to the features he wants.

The turn-by-turn navigation is enhanced by Garmin Real Directions, a system which not only tells the driver where to go, but also provides landmark and building or street signs information(just to give you an example, the app might prompt you in the following way: “Turn left after the clock tower”). This is like asking someone for directions, but without the asking bit. Safety Kit is another feature promoted by Garmin which gives drivers speed camera warning and current speed information, but this option is not available in all countries.


As mentioned, the focus is on customization and the ability for users to create their own set of features, as Garmin’s Joern Watzke stated:

Premium in-app purchase options allow users to fully customize their navigation experience and only choose the features they want

Additionally, Garmin HUD owners will be pleased to know that Víago is fully compatible with this device. It would seem that Garmin are making a big push to extend their services to all types of users. At the moment, the company is offering the Vivofit fitness band, the Edge 1000 bike-mounted GPS and support for Sony’s Smart Watch.

If you want to download the new Garmin Víago app, you can head over to the Android Play Store or iOS iTunes market and get it for $0.99 while the offer is still standing (until June 13), or for $2 after this date.

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