After a huge buzz, countless rumors and hearsay, Amazon has finally made official their very first smartphone, which comes under the Fire Phone name. The smartphone does come with many unique and quite interesting features that will appeal to potential buyers. Therefore, we’ve decided to have a look at them all and see what exactly makes it stand apart from so many amazing devices that are currently on the market.

3D perspective

As it was previously speculated and rumored, Amazon’s Fire Phone does come with a 3D interface which is made possible with phone’s dynamic perspective which updates 60 times per second. For example, the maps interface takes advantage of the dynamic perspective to show a 3D render of buildings, which is something that looks really cool, as we’ve seen during the launch event. Also, just by tilting the phone, you will be able to scroll through a web page. But we wonder whether the multiple front-facing cameras won’t ruin the battery life.

Free unlimited photo storage

We take so many photos these days with our smartphones that storing them becomes a real problem. Amazon knows that and it’s now offering free unlimited photo storage on its Amazon Cloud Drive. This is just awesome and might constitute one of the differentiating features for would-be buyers.

Dual-stereo speakers with Dolby Digital plus surround

Our smartphones are also our speakers, and if you want great sound quality, you can find that in the Fire Phone, as well. Amazon’s first smartphone comes with dual-stereo speakers with Dolby Digital plus surround which are bound to ensure an awesome sound coming out of its grill.

Tangle-free headphones

It seems that Amazon is paying a lot of attention to details in its first smartphone. Amazon is quite interested in the sound quality and the experience associated with listening to songs. That’s why Bezos promised that the smartphone will came with tangle-free headphones, which he know is an issue that has been affecting all of us.

Trademark Amazon services

The Fire Phone will work with Amazon’s many services, most of which are quite awesome. There’s the X-Ray feature for seeing information about what you’re watching, the ASAP feature that caches video you might want to watch so it can start streams instantly. Of course, it will work with Prime Music, Prime Video, Immersion Reading and WhisperSync for Voice. So, if you’re used to these features on your Kindle tablets, then you’ll be happy to find them in Amazon’s first smartphone, as well.


Firefly is actually a dedicated button on the handset which recognizes phone numbers, books, music, QR code, CDs and DVDs and links it to the Amazon Store, letting you buy the product. Firefly can even detect the scene from any particular show or movie and recognizes products despite hindrances like folds, blurriness, and wrinkles. This is obviously a feature to drive even more sale to Amazon’s online store, but it has been done with style.

13MP rear camera

To make sure that you take awesome pictures with your Fire Phone, Amazon has built inside a 13 MP camera with a f/@2.0 lens and optical image stabilization. And knowing that you have unlimited and free photo storage, you’ll just keep on taking amazing pictures. Bezos said the Fire Phone is on par with the performance of the iPhone 5s and the Samsung Galaxy S5, actually saying that the Fire Phone will take better shots. There’s also a quick-access shutter button on the side, which will prove to be quite handy in many situations.

Of course, the smartphone comes with many other interesting features and these are just some that caught our eye. It will be really interesting to see what the first reviewers will have to say about Amazon’s first smartphone, but from the looks of it, it’s going to make a good impression on quite a few folks


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