In terms of oddity, this was the strangest media invite of them all. I mean, we have seen daggers being handed out (for the Moto RAZR 2), mugs on whose surface appointment details emerged when you poured tea into them (HTC) and well, there was this time when we actually got a football for a FIFA game launch. But yes, never – NEVER – have we received a bottle full of calcium tablets as an invite for an event.

And it comes not from quarters pharmaceutical but from one of the leading e-commerce players in the country, Flipkart, the company that is going toe to toe with Amazon and pretty much holding its own in India. And it is for an event that is to be held on 26th June, Thursday morning in Delhi.


Of course, needless to say this mystical – and medical – message has all of us tied up in knots and playing Sherlock. What could the message mean? After a quick look at the facts, the pills, the bottle and the invite, here are our (light-hearted) conclusions. Feel free to add to them:

  1. The company is launching tablets, just like Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Devices designed to make the most of Flipkart’s massive online store.
  2. The company is getting into tablets, of the medical type. Now, when you get a headache or cut a finger, just log into Flipkart to print out a bandaid or get a Dispirin by drone!
  3. The company is on a growth path – those are calcium tablets, those are, and as we all know, calcium is very good for the growths. This is a positive message for shareholders.
  4. flipkart-tablets-2

  5. Forget about wearables. Flipkart is getting into edibles. These are small digestible devices that go into your digestive tract and send information about your innards to your phone or tablet over Bluetooth via a Bluetooth receiver installed in – you guessed it – your teeth!
  6. Forget the pills if you will, and focus instead on the jar in which they came. It is the one that is normally used to store Eno fruit salt, a medicine for gastric troubles. Could this be a way of Flipkart telling us that they are in for a period of consolidation – that they have finished acquisitions and are now in digestive mode (burp, we have now really assimilated Myntra!)
  7. Look at the green cover of the jar, with the Flipkart logo on it. We all know what green means. Spinach. Jealousy. The Cameroon football team. And Android. Flipkart is launching its own of Android!
  8. What about the ‘Not for Consumption’ at the bottom of the bottle? Why would a company launch tablets that were not for consumption. No, this is something more subtle – we are looking at a new packaging service for Flipkart products. Everyone knows you cannot consume packaging… well, in most cases.
  9. We know a number of people in the media have been less than kind to the company of late. Is this the company’s subtle way of telling them that they are all pills of the first order?

Of course, this is but a preliminary list of deductions. This being the world of tech, we expect more leaks than in a public conveniences set up run by municipality and more speculation than on a Vegas casino table. Watch this space. And do feel free to add and share your own deductions. The little grey cells, yes? Use them.

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