The Nokia X2 has finally been made official and improves upon the original Nokia X with hardware and software innovations. While the device is almost identical in appearance to the original Android-based Nokia X, it comes with a slightly bigger 4.3-inch display, compared to the 4.0-inch one on the original Nokia X.

There’s now 1GB of RAM, and a faster 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon 200 processor instead of just 512 MB RAM and a 1 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 Play one. The increase in the processor frequency isn’t that big, but where the Nokia X2 could get more power is the double RAM. You will see its effect in app switching, which has been described as being slow on the original Nokia X by some reviewers.


The Nokia X2 comes with an upgraded battery of a 1800mAh capacity compared to 15000mAh on the original Nokia X. Due to the increase in size and battery, the X2 is also slightly heavier, weighing 150 g compared to 128.7 on the X one. I also suspect that the upgraded Nokia X2 comes with some improvements on the 3G side, such as more GSM frequencies being added, but there aren’t any official details as of now.

There’s now a home button alongside the regular back button on the Nokia X2, whereas the original Nokia X device only had a back button. Nokia’s decision of including the home button makes a lot of sense, since it’s so popular with millions of Android users across the world. Have a look at the video from below with Nokia’s own hands-on with the device to see it in action.

Nokia X2’s case has been slightly modified compared to the original Nokia X, sporting a new translucent outer layer, which is said to make the device shine during anytime of the day. There’s now a 5MP camera with flash and auto focus on the back as well as a front-facing one, compared to a single primary one with a 3.15 MP sensor on the original one. The Nokia X2 also maintains its dual-SIM feature.

On the software side, the Nokia X2 comes with the same FastLane option as with the original one, but it packs a brand-new ‘apps list’, which keeps your home screen clear for your most used apps. Also, there are now more personalization options available on the start screen with the tile color-picker feature.

The Nokia X2 also comes with free 15GB OneDrive storage which you could use for your pictures, documents and other important files. The Nokia X2 will be available globally in July for 99 euros and will come in glossy green, orange, or black colors with yellow, white, and dark grey versions being available later on.

Considering that the smartphone gets launched for the same price as the original Nokia X, it comes with some useful updates which are crucial for those looking to acquire a budget device. It doubles the RAM power, comes with a 5MP camera which should offer decent images and improves the number of colors available, giving the owner the chance to be stylish at a decent price.

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