It’s that time when we get down and review the best new Android apps that have made their way into the Play Store. Do check out the previous edition which, because of a certain glitch, didn’t get featured on our homepage. This time, we’ve got a lot of interesting new apps and games for your Android smartphone and tablet, so let’s waste no time and have a look at them.

Android Wear (Free)android-wear-app

Android Wear is very fresh and we’re still looking forward to the release of the first Android-powered smartwatches to the mass market. However, the official app is already on the Play Store carrying the “information that moves with you” tag. If you plan on getting an Android-powered smartwatch, download the app to make sure you’re prepared. It’s funny that it already has a high rating, despite not being used by consumers yet.

SoulCraft 2 (Free)

soulcraft-2-appSoulCraft 2 is a popular RPG game that has now landed for Android users. Your mission is to choose one of the seven Angels and defend the Earth from the legions of hell. You can also compete in multiplayer mode against other players in the social league and make use of your own playing style. There’s also a very interesting singleplayer campaign and what’s really cool is that there’s full controller support, and you play the game on your TV, as well.

YouTube Creator Studio (Free)

These days, there are more and more folks who produce video content on YouTube, with some of them actually making a living out of it. That’s why Google has released the official YouTube Creator Studio app which makes it faster and easier to manage your channel on the go. By using it, you can check out your latest stats, respond to comments, and get customized notifications.

Bounden ($2.99)

boundenTo be a better dancer is a skill that I always wanted to possess and maybe Bounden can help me with that. This is an unusual mobile dancing game where you can use your phone as a guide to dance. You just need to press the thumbs on the phone and move synchronously to dance together. The game features choreography by Ernst Meisner of the Dutch National Ballet that you can use in the 6 dances + 1 exclusive dance for Android.

Square Order (Free)

Square is pushing forward its expansions with the release of the Square Order app that you can use to order from restaurants and cafes, at the moment available in San Francisco and New York. You ca choose what you want from you local business, order and then pay or even tip right from your mobile device. You will also get a notification when your order is ready for you to pick it up.

GlassesOff (Free)

glassess-offIt’s a known fact that sitting in front of our computer or smartphone for a prolonged time is harming our health, but it seems that there are ways to make them helpful. GlassesOff is a medical app for Android users that uses scientifically proven technologies to help those who experience the natural effects of aging on near vision when reading or those with eye strain, fatigue or headaches when reading. It can also be used to anticipate eye vision deterioration in the near future, as well.

Blek ($2.99)

Blek is a new Android puzzle game that combines imagination and personality, as everything that you draw keeps moving.
The goal of the game is to shape a line that collects all colored circles avoiding black holes on its route. There are countless solutions for each level, so you decided which one to take. The game has already received plenty of awards and praise, so do check it out.

European War 4: Napoleon ($0.99)

european-war-4-napoleonIf you are looking for a really professional strategy game to play on your Android smartphone or tablet, then you need to have a look at European War 4: Napoleon. It comes with 42 Countries and 200 generals and plenty of wars across Europe, America and Asia that you will win after mastering controls and options. There are 58 treasures, 46 general skills and more than 130 types of units at your disposal.

Tour de France 2014 ($4.99)

The 2014 Tour de France bycling event is well underway and if you’re a fan, you need to get the official Android app, as well. The official management and simulation cycling game lets you enjoy this year’s Tour de France with new content consisting in riders who adapt themselves according to their own styles. There are also new steps like one on the cobblestones, new animations and many other features that will help you ride through the 21 official stages.

Archery 3D (Free)

archery-3dWhen we were kids, we were mesmerized by Robin Hood and other similar heroes who could master the art of throwing arrows. Now, with such games as Archery 3D, you can experience your own tale with your Android device. The game comes with realistic physics of bow and arrow, along with real 3D environments and multiple camera views. You will be able to explore different worlds and unlock new missions, as you will make your way through the leaderboards and receive achievements.

SolarMax 2 ($2.74)

SolarMax 2 is described as a “streamlined strategy game of interplanetary war” where you will be able to colonize planets, build hundreds of starships, and make good use tactics to win battles against your opponents. It features “aggressive and unforgiving” artificial intelligence; 36 missions of increasing difficulty; 3 speed settings: half, normal, and double speed along with beautiful HD graphics that will keep you glued to the screen for hours.

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