It hasn’t been a long time since the PlayStation 4 was officially launched and shortly after, the Xbox One became part of our daily lives. With these two devices still competing against each other to see which one has better features to offer, we’ve yet to discover some of the best indie games we can play on both of them.

There is quite a vast amount of available games one can choose from, and each one of them has something in particular. For this reason, we think it’s always a good thing to have someone try a few games for you and make a list of the best ones to play. Let’s take a look at what we’ve discovered for the PS4 and Xbox one!


Giant Hunter

Classified as a pretty violent one (2/3 for violence), this Xbox game lets you hung as many giants as you can. You can do it by yourself – as a single player – while using your personalized avatar, but you can also invite all of your friends to play together.

Apart from that, you can also mine for resources and build all the tools you need in order to get better at defeating the monsters. It is quite an epic action & adventure game that can even be played offline if by yourself. In the case of multiple players, it has the option of going online for 2 to 4 participants.

The trial is available for free, and you can buy the game for only $1.00. All you need to have is an Xbox 360 console and go online on to download the necessary content. Once you’re all set, you can turn the game on and start playing Giant Hunter live.



ApocZ is another indie game that was specifically created by Sick Kreation for Xbox users. It is one of the newest ones available at the moment, as it’s just been released in March 2014. It is part of the shooter genre, mostly involving shooting zombies.

Being a violent game, it’s also been rated 2/3 for mature content and basically teaches you how to survive the zombie apocalypse. This survival game can be played offline by yourself and online by up to 16 players at the same time. You have plenty of tools and kits to choose from when it comes to destroying the close to 2000 zombies you’ll have to deal with.

You’ll be provided with a map and be asked to surf around carefully while trying not to get hurt. On the way, you will also have the chance to get some extra water and food, renew your weapons supply and treat yourself in case you’re wounded. It’s quite a magical journey, and it’s been designed to look very realistic – houses and vehicles are also provided and can be found all around. The latter can be fixed in case they don’t work properly after a fight. You can get the ApocZ game for $1.00 here!

Tiny Brains

Tiny Brains is a 3D puzzle game for your PS4 that makes your brain work hard for extra points. In order to make sure you win this one, you will also need some friends to parent with and help you. By cooperating with a maximum of 3 other players, you might be able to escape from this mad scientist’s laboratory. Or maybe not … it’s all up to you!

In Tiny Brains, you will be playing as one of the furry animals that you can choose from. Each one of them comes with amazing super powers and is unique in its special way. You will need to combine these ones with the powers of the other members, so you can easily solve physics-based, difficult puzzles.

All of the puzzles that you’ll be given have more than just a way of being solved. Depending on the critters you now have in your own arsenal, you can choose the one that suits you best. The game has been released in November 2013 and can be purchased for $28.82 or $23.06 with the PlayStation Plus.

Murder Miners


Murder Miners is an indie game for those who own an Xbox 360, and it only costs $1.00. The trial can be accessed for free, and it helps you get an idea of how much (or little) you’ll love this game. Personally, I think it’s worth getting the full version.

It is, indeed, one of the most violent games you’ll come across, which is probably why it has a rate of 3/3 for violence. Apart from that, you’ll also deal with some mature content – 2/3 and deal with plenty of monsters.

This game has been rated as the #1 Xbox Indie Game in 2013 in the United States, and we’re sure it won’t be less appreciated in 2014. It comes with 4 slip screen and can be played by 20 players: between 1 and 4 of them can play offline while for the multiplayer version, you can go online.

The reason why I see this as a great action game is because it mixes together some of the greatest features we’ve seen in similar games. It comes with a lot of zombies to fight against, destructible environments, but also vehicles and great weapons to use.

War Thunder

Being one of the most interesting indie games I discovered for the PlayStation 4, War Thunder reminded me a lot of the World War 2 games. It is a captivating MMO combat game that lets you explore both the sky and the seas.

You will be playing for free by simply downloading the content from its official website. You can then use any of the WWII military aviation, take advantage of the specialized fleets and armored cars.

To make the game easier to play and understand, it comes in English, French, Russian, Polish, German and a few other languages. You can explore the newsfeed on their web page and join the community to make sure you know what’s new with War Thunder.

The game can be played live by up to 32 people, and you will have to choose between the available modes. Arcade Battles, Realistic Battles, Events Mode and Simulator Battles are some of them.



Also being one of the first such games that one could play on the PS4, Contrast is also suitable for PS3 owners. It is free to use with the PlayStation Plus, but it costs $21.70 in case you have a PS4 and $20.34 for the older model of this console.

It comes with amazing design that brings you back to a 1920s world where you can easily switch between a 3D world and a 2D shadow one. You may be wondering why you’d need to turn into a shadow. To put it shortly, you will need to help a girl in healing her pretty troubled family, and the best way to do this is by being … less visible.

I was personally fascinated by this game because of the great mix of cabaret, great performance and illusion shows. Didi’s mother is a singer from cabaret while her father is long gone. By solving a wide number of complex puzzles, you will be able to help the girl solve her problems while investigating the secrets of her family.

Block World

Back to the games for Xbox, Block World is a lot less violent that the ones we’ve previously analyzed. It is considered to be a role playing game, and it can be purchased for $1.00 while the trial is available for free. You can play it with friends (between 2 and 31) or you can explore it by yourself in the offline version.

The name of the game comes from its design – you will actually be building your own world out of blocks. You can choose if you want to go for sand, grass, stone, concrete, water, wool, and you can even select the color of the bricks you use.

Apart from creating worlds in the Block World game, you will also have to fight against several enemies, fly, jump or walk to discover best places to build your new blocks. It is very realistic, because of forcing you to move around obstacles and you’ll also be dealing with both night and day with this game.

You can easily unblock new items by gaining points and move on to the next level once you got used to the first few ones. The same game can also be played on your Windows Phone, and you can find out more about it from its own web page, right here.

Doki Doki Universe


Last but not least, Doki Doki Universe is a cross-platform adventure game that was released at the end of 2013. Being one of the most complex you can find, it can be played not just on your PS4, but also on a PS3 or PS Vita. Although not a violent one, it may include some minor fantasy violence and references to alcohol/tobacco.

Doki Doki takes you on a pretty unusual journey where you will be the QT3 robot. You’ll be travelling all around the place trying to prove to the world that you’re actually human in your own way. This way, you can save the robot from being turned into a simple metal cube.

All the time during your trip, you’ll have to deal with various weird characters that you can talk to. These ones will be helping you to solve some of the personality quizzes which help you prove that you’re just like everyone else. It’s quite a unique game that you can download for only $10.16.

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