Alums from Dropbox and MIT have teamed up to find the next iteration of emails, which they call, Inbox. A service that will allow developers to build email apps that integrate with end users’ inboxes.

The company says that it’s an email company unlike Google’s Gmail — which has a horrendous track record of pushing ads everywhere — also not the forget that it is the reason why Microsoft’s Scroogled campaign legally exists. Inbox is an email company. Google is an advertising company. This product is our focus, and it will not be ‘discontinued’ unexpectedly.”


Inbox addresses the “archaic protocols and formats” that developers are forced to use, and replaces them with new tools which are simple to work with and that the developers won’t have to learn so much of to get simple things done.

Email is really old. In the past, many have even announced the death of this age old service. While most of the Web technologies and protocols have been upgraded – HTML5, HTTP2 etc, the truth is that most companies still rely on 80s’ IMAP protocols to deal with emails. The outdated technology still relies on such protocols for functioning, and not for triggering actions.

However, Google at its I/O developer conference, announced the new Gmail API, that supposedly makes it easy for developers to integrate Gmail with other third-party apps. Inbox offers a similar feature, but unlike Gmail, it is not limited to Google’s email client but also supports Yahoo, Microsoft Exchange and others. Inbox also allows the developers to retrieve, modify and send emails, as well as have access to attachments, and the ability to build custom filters.

Over the last few months, we have seen a plethora of new email clients, however, most of them only revamped the user interface, and made the experience better visually. Because that’s the problem. Adding new features to email clients isn’t that easy. What we have is the same old car engine being placed into fancier models. Inbox is trying to restructure that engine.

The company has even made several of the fundamental infrastructure open source. “The sync engine is available for free on GitHub, and we welcome discussion and pull requests,” said MIT alum Michael Grinich. Inbox will soon start providing support for other IMAP providers.

Inbox has made available its engine for developers. The company provides developers the ability to sync their account, and start building using the Inbox platform. As for the users — like you and me — we can hopefully expect to see better email clients, offering more features and better integration with other 3rd-party apps in coming months.

Source: TechCrunch

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