Over the past few months, Facebook has gone through several changes to make it more useful and appealing to the users. We saw Graph Search that makes it so easy to find people and fish for other relevant information. However, despite all the changes, there is one thing that the social juggernaut is yet to add, and that’s the ability to search for your own or other people’s posts.


However, there is a way which, though not terribly convenient, can help you keep track of things. For instance, you could search through the things you have liked. Hence, if you ever have a desire to go back to a status update, or a photo, just like it, so that you could look for it later when you want.

This is possibly because of a feature Facebook introduced several months ago, called Activity Log. Through Activity Log, you can check for everything you have liked (from the likes tab), as well as, everything you have commented on. Interestingly, you can also look for the searches you have made on Facebook. To head over to view your activity log, either change the URL to https://www.facebook.com/[your username]/allactivity, or simply click on the down arrow at the rightmost side and select ‘activity log’, or as shown below.


However, if you find that a little clumsy — which it can get scrolling through weeks and months of stuff — you can also use a service called LikeManager. It makes things simpler by assorting things you have liked into several categories.

In a way, you can use this feature as a bookmarking and research tool– by liking everything you want to check later. LikeManager demands €1 ($1.36) per month for unlimited access, though you can take it out for a whirl for free, though it will be limited to 30 likes. It also has a mobile version, which paid subscribers can use.

Speaking of bookmarks, if you would rather save things to you browser’s bookmark manager, you can use this handy Chrome extension Facebook Bookmark Post. It offers a tiny icon, using which you can add the things you like to your bookmark collection in one-click.

In addition, at least to look for your own posts, you could download your Facebook archive — which contains all the status updates, photos, videos and other links you have shared since joining the social network. Once done, you could manually open the zip file and run the HTML file on any browser. You need to head over to ‘Wall’ section first, and then perform manual searches using Ctrl + F and the right keywords. To download your Facebook archive, go to the Facebook Setting’s page, and click on ‘Download a copy‘.

Last year, Facebook added the ability to search for your old posts, however it isn’t very functional, nor has it been rolled out to every user.

Know another way to search for your posts? Share it with us in the comments section below.


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