There are plenty of wireless charger devices out there, but either they’re too expensive, their design is not appealing or they don’t work with all of your devices. These are the things that the team behind Swich, touted as a “sophisticated wireless charger”, thinks it managed to overcome. With Swich, you can place your phone under a viewer-friendly angle, so that you could use all the buttons and slide over the touch screen, while your phone charges cordlessly.
The round arc of Swich is said to be derived from the form of wild sea waves. Users can switch from vertical to horizontal position, as it allows inclination of up to 180 degrees. On the inside, Swich is composed of a power transmission pad and a compatible receiver. So you just place your phone on top of the transmission pad to fill the battery and that’s it.

We designed a visually attractive and highly usable stand that enables you to place your phone under a viewer-friendly angle. It positions the device firmly enough for you to use all the buttons and slide over the touch screen, while your phone charges cordlessly. New perspective. No other charger is match to our product. Swich stands out and breaks the commonly used flat and square form used in power banks and various wireless chargers. The phone floats above your desk, making it easy to access apps or perform tasks.

If you own an iPhone, you will need a receiver cases while others will use receiver patches. Here’s the list with smartphones that currently come implemented with the Qi standard. If you didn’t find it on the list, you can pledge an extra $10 to your order and the Swich team will help you implement it.

The charger is made of sustainable materials which give Swich a timeless and organic look. The handle is made of American dark walnut with ceramics being another key component. The surface is made of microsuction tape.

The cheapest option to get a Switch wireless device is at  $170 or more and you will get a black or white device. You need to add $10 for a specified receiver and there’s free shipping worldwide on your order with an estimated shipping in November, this year.

At the time of writing this, there are 259 backers who have pledged $42,083 from the initial $25,000 goal, and there are 14 days still to go. What’s your take on this nicely looking gizmo?

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