Despite a growing concern that the era of PC is coming to an end, plenty of us still have one in front of them and using it on a daily basis. The biggest advantage of a traditional PC over other computing devices is that it comes with huge performance and you can perform an task on it, from playing the latest games to editing videos that require a lot of processing power.

Another great thing about personal computers is that you can build your own machine, of course, if you have the needed expertise. But there can be many hindrances when building your own PC, such as expensive parts or not having enough choices in a single place. That’s why Pangoly was created, a free service that helps you pick the best hardware and peripherals for your new PC build, trying to meet your budget and personal needs.

On Pangoly’s website, you will have access to a wide range of all the PC components you might need, such as motherboards, processors, memory, graphic cards, power supplies, cases, SSD, HD, optical units, sound cards, monitors, mouse, keyboards, CPU coolers, case fans, headsets, speakers and mouse pads. You can sort these by price, Pangoly score and the date when they were released.

On the website, you can go to the ‘build your own pc’ section and there you will have the following desktop PC configuration to start from – Basic, Advanced, AMDicted, Gamer, Pro and Miner; along with the starting prices.


You can choose to create a free custom build, if you know what you’re doing. After you have selected the predefined configuration, you will start picking the parts, and you don’t even have to worry about hardware compatibility, since the components are safe to be used in the same PC build. This is another great advantage of the current service.

There is also an Performance Index that is calculated from the graphic cards benchmark results for the latest videogames released and processors benchmark results for gaming, rendering, encoding and compression. And when you’re done with your PC build, you can choose to shop from Amazon. It’s really cool that you see whether the price for certain components has increased or decreased lately.


If you’re just starting out with PC builds, there’s a very useful guide that is being updated frequently with new information in order to be algined with the latest releases. However, there are other purposes that these service can serve, such as buying separate parts, which is really useful for those who already have their own PC.

Or, if there’s great looking video card that you have your eyes on, you can look for it and see whether its price has dropped recently or not. There’s a parts deal category, as well, where all the latest products with discounted prices are being featured.

Also, you can try our previous guide on setting up price alerts. At the moment, Pangoly is available for customers in US, Canada, UK and Italy.


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