These days, we’re getting more concerned with our privacy, security and we’re witnessing the launch of many startups and services that also revolve around the concept of anonymity. Meet JustLeak, a new web service that lets you send anonymous emails to people you know in a few easy steps.
All you have to do is follow the link from above and just put in a recipients’ email, choose the type of relationship you have with that person (friend, coworker, family member, ‘someone’) and send off your message. You’ve probably encountered services with a similar purpose and idea, like Secret or Whisper.

For now, the Leak service is pretty basic, lacking the ability to send attachments and functioning only as a web service, without dedicated apps for iPhone or Android users. However, it does come with a special feature where users can receive the best Leaks of the week in their inboxes.
By using Leak, you can speak directly and honestly to someone specific. Of course, the service can be used by someone who wants to have a little fun or mess around. Or, judging by its name, maybe there are folks who can really use it to leak information from the companies they are working. When sending an anonymous email, you also agree to the Do’s and Don’ts from the website. Here are the Do’s:

  • Use anonymity for good
  • Share yourself openly and honestly
  • Be kind and respectful
  • Report bad behavior
  • Have fun

and here are the don’ts:

  • Don’t post threats
  • Don’t share or encourage self-harm
  • Don’t bully or harrass
  • Don’t post hate speech
  • Don’t post graphic content
  • Don’t post pornography
  • Don’t post people’s private information
  • Don’t post things that don’t belong to you
  • Don’t spam

I used JustLeak to send a test email and saw that they manage their emails through SendGrid’s network, so it would seem that they don’t have their own infrastructure. So, if you’re curious and want to give it a try, make sure you follow the rules and don’t abuse the service.


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