We use our browsers daily and at a certain point, we might want to find that interesting website that we accessed a few months ago. But by using the default browser history is either too difficult or almost impossible to do that. That’s why this Chrome extension is so awesome. The All Seeing Eye add-on indexes all text in your Web history, letting you run text searches.


All Seeing Eye indexes all of the text of every page you visit in Chrome and even captures a screenshot of each page you visit for a quick visual search of your Web history. The default Web history tells you only the URL and title of each Web page you have visited but with the Chrome extension All Seeing Eye, your Web history expands to include all of the text of every page you have visited along with screenshots.

The moment after you install the All Seeing Eye from the Chrome Web Store, the extension starts indexing all of the text of every page you visit and capturs screenshots. So, when you select Show All History from Chrome’s History menu, the All Seeing Eye add-on will display a grid of thumbnails of the screenshots it has captured.

It’s possible to click on a screenshot to go directly to the page it represents or you can click on the magnifying glass icon to view an expanded version of the thumbnail in a new tab. If the screenshot doesn’t help, you can use the search bar at the top of the page to search by keywords.

All Seeing Eye doesn’t store your data in the cloud but on your machine. If you’ll enable Chrome’s Incognito mode for private browsing, then the add-on won’t be able to save the pages you’re visiting. Thus, with this add-on, whenever you need to revisit a page but can’t remember which one, just click History from the menu, enter a keyword and click Search.

All Seeing Eyerchives the last 10,000 pages you’ve visited, but there’s also a certain security risk here. Anyone else with access to your system can quickly learn the access to password-protected sites. However, indexed pages can be deleted with a click and you can enter specific domains on a blacklist.

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