When it comes to driving, we need to make sure we’re not putting our life at risk and the lives of others. And checking our smartphones or tablets for driving directions isn’t exactly the best thing to do, since it distracts our attention. Not to mention that it isn’t exactly a legal thing to do.
So if you’re concerned with these things, you’ll probably like Navdy, an ingenious Head­Up Display that allows drivers to access their smartphone’s apps while keeping their eyes on the road. It can do that by using a high quality projection display with voice and gesture controls.

Thus, drivers no longer need to mess around with their phone to navigate, communicate or control their music while they are driving. It’s just not safe. Navdy projects a bright transparent image, letting you to keep your eyes on the road while simultaneously seeing navigation instructions or incoming phone calls, as well as text messages.

It also comes with advanced dimming and stabilization controls, which allow you to optimize usability in any driving conditions. Navdy’s primary focus is on navigation, and it won’t disappear when a call comes in as it will display both notifications and navigation at the same time in a split screen.

Another cool feature of this gadget is that you can interact with it with your voice and gestures. Navdy features noise cancellation and wide angle gesture sensors in order to make sure your driving experience isn’t affected. Navdy will work in any car, being powered by the onboard computer
At the moment, Navdy works with iPhone (iOS 7+) and Android (4.3+) smartphones, and it can share data with your phone over WiFi, as well. Navdy is available for pre-­order for 30 days at the introductory price of $299 (aff), which represents a 40% discount from its expected retail price of $499.

What’s really awesome is that early adopters can get a 10% refund of $30 for each friend they refer; so with 10 referrals, you can basically get Navdy for free.

However, while I agree that their system is safer than fumbling around with your smartphone, there’s still a risk involved in using this product. You will still focus on Navdy’s projected image instead of the road ahead of you, especially when you’re looking to control music or look over your messages. And that might result in distracting your attention from the road. But if you’ll be using this product with caution, then it’s definitely safer than using your smartphone or tablet.

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