There are many ways out there to lose weight, but it’s pretty hard to get motivated. That’s where the Foodtweeks application steps in with a brilliant concept. Foodtweeks is available for Android and iOS users, and this is basically an app that donates money to charity whenever you cut calories. It also comes with suggestions as to how you could reduce that amount of calories you’re consuming daily.
So, for example, if you’ll order a capuccino, the app could suggest ordering it without whipped cream. After selecting that option, you will see how many calories you have saved. In time, the app will help you change your eating style and will teach you to eat healthier food.

Thus, Foodtweeks keeps count for your caloric “donations” and once you hit 600, the company donates a meal to a local food bank. You can double or triple a single donation by sharing news of it on Facebook or Twitter. So, not only does this app help you lose weight and eat healthier food but it also donates to charity.

Foodtweeks will help with such tips as using less dressing, skipping the mayonnaise, 2% milk instead of whole and many other suggestions that will accumulate in time. To get it working, you just need to tell Foodtweeks what you’re about to eat or buy and the app will show you simple “tweeks” that remove calories from that food.

The app is 100% free and you can go ahead and follow the links to download it on Android and iOS. Leave your comment below and let us know what you think if this ingenious idea.

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