There are thousands of new apps being added every week to the Play Store, but we try to bring out only the best ones. As always, I remind you to check out the last week’s titles, just in case you might’ve missed them. You’ll find there a good selection of such new Android games as Trine 2, Duet, Over, Dragon Quest 4 and such apps as Amazon Seller, Unclouded, Callistics. Now, if you have checked that, let’s have a look at this week’s selection.

Painter Mobile (Free)

Corel’s new Painter Mobile app for Android users has been released and you can use it to sketch and paint on the go. When you’re finished, you can import your work directly into Painter. The app comes with familiar tools like Paint, Eyedropper, Paint Bucket, Eraser and Crop. You can further edit your work with Scale, Rotate, Flip, Skew, Apply Perspective or Distort and make use of up to 20 layers. You also have the option to import photos from a gallery, camera or Google Images search. You can choose to use your finger to edit pictures or a stylus, if you have one.

Surgeon Simulator ($6.66)

surgeon-simulatorThe famous Surgeon Simulator game has been unveiled for Android users, so go ahead and download it if you want to be the worst surgeon in the world. Here’s how the witty description of the game sounds like: ‘as the would-be surgeon Nigel Burke, you will perform all kinds of crazy surgeries to try to save his life, or fail hilariously in the process while poor Bob… Well, dies’. More than 1 million are said to have played the game and produced videos for 250 million people who watched the failed surgeries on YouTube. Go ahead and have some fun!

Rove (Free)

Launched a while ago on the Play Store, Rove is an automated Journal app that you definitely should check out if you’re interested in such titles. You can use the app to automatically log your, import photos inside a system that is 100% private. You can then add notes, curate photos, save or share segments of your lifelog. The Rove has been featured by many important publications, so you should go ahead and check it out if you always wanted a professional Journal app.

Zoe (Free)

zoe-androidHTC has recently released the standalone Zoe app on the Play Store that is available for everybody to download. You can use it to create, share and edit videos and photos. You can then share, add filters and choose the perfect soundtrack. It’s possible to send Zoe highlight videos directly to friends, and invite them to remix yours. You can also instantly share to social networks like Facebook, Twitter and more. Those who have downloaded the app can upload as much as you want.

Manuganu 2 (Free)

The Manuganu 2 sequel is back, bringing 40 unequally designed levels, where you can beat 4 Epic Bosses and complete the saga. You can collect all the items to win extra awards and follow alternative paths to collect the three stars and gain “Google Play” achievements. Manuganu has new fly and swim features, which weren’t available in the first edition, and these can easily be controlled with a single touch. Manuganu 2 come with platforming actions, an original soundtrack and multiple language versions.

Posse (Free)

possePosse is a new Android app that lets you find the best places anywhere you are. From coffee shops and restaurants to bars and beauty salons, Posse works like a network of shops and people. Use it to search for new places, get recommendations from friends, collect your favorite spots and get special offers. You can look up store details, wishlist new places that you want to visit, pin your favorite spots, add photos and make themed collections and even receive surprise gifts from the shops you love.

Unpossible ($1.99)

Already a big hit with iPhone and iPad owners, Unpossible now lands on Android to test your skills, reflexes, and even your memory. The game comes with easy to learn controls with options for touch, tilt and external controllers. Each control scheme is designed so that controls don’t become an impediment for your gaming experience. The mission is to dodge an endless series of glowing obstacles and your mission is to get as far as you can in each level.

Runtastic Me (Free)

runtastic-meWith the new Runtastic Me app for Android, you can have another fitness item in your collection. Go ahead and download the app to see if you’re taking enough steps and if you’re burning enough calories. You can also get reports of your daily, weekly and monthly movements and with the Active Minutes feature, you can track your active minutes to see when are those moments when you get get some more physical activity. You can also set and a achieve goals, challenge yourself and integrated the app with Runtastic, Road Bike, Mountain Bike, Six Pack & Fitness App Collection apps.

Ice Age Adventures (Free)

The new Ice Age Adventures game has been released for Android users where you get to explore the unknown with Sid, Manny & Diego as playable characters. You can also play a match-3 puzzle to save every animal friend, sled with Sid and rescue the herd’s babies, recruit Precious and bring the herd together and return each animal to the village and complete your collection. The game comes with a unique storyline featuring the official movie voices, beautiful 3D graphics and fun animations.

Rukkus Event Tickets (Free)

rukkusWith the new Rukkus Event Tickets app for Android, you can look for the best deal on tickets to your favorite concert and find cheap tickets to MLB and NFL games this season. Searching tickets from hundreds of ticket vendors is now easier than ever and you can use the app to get the cheapest price available. You can also browse upcoming events for concerts, sports games (MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA), and broadway shows. You can search over 1,000 ticket vendors and choose tickets in a beautiful interactive seat maps with first-person seat views,

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