Although only recently launched (in June this year) the LG G3 (our review) is already well-known for being one of the best smartphones powered by Android at the moment. Apart from the Quad HD-IPS display protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3, the LG G3 also has a lot to offer in terms of software, sheer processing power and most of all, design.

Frequently described as a simple and intelligent handset, LG’s latest creation bring an aluminum-like body, while borrowing most of its aesthetics from its predecessor, the LG G2. On top of elegance, the G3 comes with a Quad HD panel that offers amazing performance and quality, 3D features and an astonishing 2560 x 1440 resolution. Moreover, it’s OIS advanced camera and mighty processor make it a valiant challenger for the smartphone of the year award.

As always, a professional Android user knows how to take advantage of its tools, so for those who aren’t prolific in the matter we’re going to present and explain today some of the most simple, but interesting LG G3 tips and tricks, for an improved experience.


Create a Knock Code

You might have already discovered one of the most interesting features offered by the LG G3 – it is called a Knock Code. The reason why it’s particularly interesting is that it can be used instead of a fingerprint sensor, in order to unlock your smartphone.

All you need to do is create a code that will be a series of taps in certain areas of the display. This combination of movements can be used as a password or PIN code by simply going into the settings menu. This one will lead you towards a section called Security, where you should find a tab called Lock Screen.

By selecting Screen Lock and then Knock Code, you will get to a place where you’ll be asked to come up with a code. In case you forget the special “password”, this LG phone gives you a second chance, as you will also be asked to create a backup.

Using two apps at the same time


Dual Window is definitely a life-saver, and the fact that you can open and use two applications simultaneously is pretty handy, too. Although we are currently able to keep several apps open in the background and switch from one to the other on most other smartphones, not many devices let us run all of them side by side.

Thanks to its amazing technology, the LG G3 lets you run any of your favorite two applications at once. This is possible by accessing the Dual Windows special feature, and it can be done by holding the Back key for a couple of seconds. This will make a menu pop up, and you will see all of the installed apps listed below. All there needs to be done is to drag the first app to the top of the screen and the other one to the bottom. This combination of apps will be saved until you open Dual Windows and change it again.

Adjust the way your Phone Vibrates

The newest LG model now lets you change the strength of your phone’s vibration, as well as its type. You can set it to be gentler for notifications or incoming calls while it can be set to a more intensive level for alarms and memos.

Once you go into your Settings menu, you will have a tab for Sound right next to Networks. The first option given when you open this menu is Vibrate Strength. This is where you can personalize the way your device vibrates in different situations. Apart from that, you can also select your favorite type of vibration – rapid, long-lasting, standard, short repeated or ticktock.

Personalize the Navigation Bar


The buttons within your phone’s Navigation Bar can be personalized by changing their layout, as well as the colors. You can also rearrange them and add a few additional shortcuts to make it more useful for all purposes.

To do this, you should go to Settings, and then choose Display. The third option you’ll see is Home Touch Buttons, which is where you can drag any of the icons to arrange the buttons the way you want. The extra ones you can add will be placed below the ones that have already been selected. To add them to the bar, you will have to drag them into the main bar at the top.

If you want to go even further with personalizing your navigation bar, you can also change the color scheme. On the right side of the screen, you will be able to go for white, black, as well as white gradation and black gradation.

Go for Triple-Tap Zoom

This is another feature that we never had the chance to enjoy before – once it is turned on, users are able to zoom in and out of any picture by tapping the screen three times. While the picture is zoomed in, you will also be able to move the image and adjust the level of the zoom.

It’s not only pictures that you can do this with, though. You can basically zoom anytime by triple-tapping the screen while using any part of the display you wish. To active the feature, you should go to the Accessibility tab within your Settings Menu, and then click on the on/off switch next to Touch Zoom.

Hide Media Files in your Gallery


You can lock certain photos or videos in your phone and make them private so that nobody else will be able to look at them. This is good news for those who tend to stock pictures from their nights out, parties with friends or even selfies they wouldn’t want to share.

All you need to do is go to the Settings Menu and select General. You should then go for Security, and the first option that pops up is Content lock. If you click on the Set Lock tab, you will be given the option to choose which files you want to hide. When the lock has already been set, you can go into your Gallery and simply tap Lock from the menu below to hide them.

Learn about Guest Mode

Another option you have for keeping your content safe is the Guest Mode feature. This one has been specially designed for applications, and it lets you add up to 5 different apps that your guest will be allowed to use. You will also be able to change the wallpaper and change a couple of other settings.

By going into your Settings folder, you can go to the General tab, and then scroll down to the Privacy section. This is where you will be allowed to set you Guest Mode – once you click on it, you will be taken to another screen that personalizes the Home Screen, the apps and the lock screen type.

What about one-handed operation?


Nowadays, we’re often too busy to be able to handle our phone with both hands. We either head to work, and need to hold onto the bar on the bus, have to eat on-the-go and still check notifications on the phone or we’ve having a drink with friends and our device suddenly went off.

The good news is that you can do a lot of things on the LG G3 by using one hand only. Go to the Settings folder and choose General – scroll down to One-handed operation and start playing with the available options. You will be able to adjust the dialer, keyboard, lock screen and many others.

Learn about Smart Cleaning

Smart Cleaning is a special features that reminds you every once in a while that you should clean up some of the data you don’t need. For example, it will tell you what apps you haven’t used for a while and could easily delete, as well as point out which temporary items and files could be removed.

Within the usual Settings Menu, in the General section, you will also find this feature. You can play with the various options you have there, and then decide what kind of notifications you’d like to get, how often and how you’d like to receive them.

Change the way your Home Screen looks


If you got more of the way your Home Screen looks and would like to experience something new, one thing you could do is to change its font and theme. This can be done by going into the Settings Menu and choosing Display – right next to Sound.

Within this menu, you will be able to choose the Font type – Travel, Foxrain, Coffee, Purewhite and Serif are just some of the ones you could select. The size of the font, as well as the brightness, can also be changed using this menu. By tapping on Home Screen, you will be able to change the theme and go for a different kind of wallpaper.

Quickly launch many applications

By using a variety of shortcuts, you are now able to directly launch many apps without unlocking your smartphone. This can even be done while the phone is locked or in sleep mode. Some of the things you can do are to launch the camera, start using QMemo or open any other app you’d like to use.

This setting is automatically enabled when you purchase the phone, and all of the shortcuts are mentioned in the user guide. For example, for the camera option, you should press and hold the Volume Down key.

Customize the Lock Screen

Most phones have a lock screen that’s different from the usual home screen. Therefore, unless you go for disabling it entirely, you will most probably have to look at it a couple of times every day. I guess this explains why we need the lock screen to look as pleasant as possible – you wouldn’t want it to annoy you every time you need to use the device.

The good thing about the G3 is that you can easily customize this one to look exactly the way you want it to. In order to do this, you should go to Settings, and then click on Lock Screen. You can change the wallpaper there, as well as the animation (switch it on or off), go for a different type of lock screen and many other options.


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