Yesterday we saw a very interesting smart padlock that you could control with your smartphone, today we have spotted yet another intuitive sensor, called OVAL which detects the motion, acceleration and several other aspects of the objects it is connected (or linked) to.

OVAL detects motion, acceleration, light, moisture, temperature and proximity of the person or an object it is attached to. It alerts you by giving a call or by email or text if something happens to the host body.

Some real life uses of this device would be to get this thing around your kids, so that you know what they’re up to, and where they are. One can also have it around their pet, or any other possessions like key and similar objects.


One could also have this device at their medicine and liquor cabinet or any other place where they store drug, or have it around computers, or money cabinet, so that the owner could know if an intruder is attempting an unauthorized access.

Similarly, using its light sensitivity, one can know if someone has turned the lights on in a room. The temperature sensitivity will come handy in case of fire and other emergencies. Whereas, moisture sensitivity will have you notified if there is a water leakage. Its proximity sensor will have you informed when your kid, or a pet or any other possession goes out of range.

Its proximity and motion sensors will also help to locate your possessions. OVAL project is up on crowdsourcing platform Indiegogo, and you can help to make this project real. The creators assure us that they have worked out the prototype and designs, and the device is now ready for mass-production. They expect the device to start shipping by February 2015.

You can contribute any amount you like, however, should you contribute $99, you will be given an OVAL sensor, one OVAL gateway (free shipping in US, add $20 if you are elsewhere), and its app, along with unlimited alarm notification messages, among other perks. Any additional sensor would set you back by a whopping 59 bucks. Raised eyebrows? We’re with you there!

Source: Indiegogo
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