These days, we have so many devices and each one of them has its own cable and needs to be charged separately. There are already plenty of products that are available in order to address this issue and Samsung has released their own creation for that – a multi-charging wall charger that lets you charge up to three mobile devices at once.
The Multi-Charging Wall Charger lets users charge up to three devices simultaneously, including smartphones, tablets, wearable devices, headphones, and just about anything that can be charged with a microUSB cable. Of course, if you’re charging all three devices simultaneously, then it will take more time for them to fully recharge. You’ll be needing a single wall charger or a single USB port on a computer for this handy new accessory.
The new accessory is really easy to use, as you just have to plug the USB end of the cable into the wall charger head unit included and then plug the other end into the micro USB port of the device or devices you want to charge. You can easily carry it anywhere with you as it perhaps one of the most portable solutions of its kind.

The charger will pass through up to 667mA for each device when three devices connected, with a max of 1A for each device when two devices connected and a max of 2A to one device when only one connected. The Multi-Charging Wall Charger will sell for $39.99, and it will probably become available with major retailers, not only Samsung.

Inside the package you’ll find a multi-charging cable and a 2A wall charger head. The new accessory is going to be compatible with any MicroUSB device out there. Not sure about, but this tiny accessory will definitely go on my shopping list!


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