Xiaomi has been in the news a lot these days, and not necessarily for the right reasons alone. But this time, it’s all for the right reasons. We are giving away the Mi 10400mAh power banks from Xiaomi to three of you lucky readers. The terms and conditions are simple and straight forward, and we have listed them below.

Terms and Conditions:
1. Contest period: 23rd August 2014 – 28th August 2014.
2. Winners will be announced by 5th September 2014.
3. No spamming allowed. Only one entry per person is allowed.
4. You must leave a comment below this video in addition to subscribing to the channel. Comment can be anything, but not spam.
5. TechPP.com employees and their immediate family are not eligible to participate.
6. Gifts will be shipped within 30 days after the winners are declared.
7. Giveaway is restricted for Indian residents only due to logistical issues.


These are the brand new genuine Xiaomi Mi 10400mAh Power Banks bought from Paytm.com, and comes with a free TPU case and 3-in-one USB cable. The battery packs come with 6-month seller warranty and we are told that Xiaomi India’s service centers will provide technical support if needed.

If we reach 1000 subscriber mark before 28th August 2014, we shall be giving away six Mi Power Banks, instead of three. So please share and encourage your friends and family to participate.

Flipkart has started the pre-orders for both the 10400mAh (Rs.999) and 5200mAh (Rs.799) versions, with the expected shipping date to be the end of this month, and at the time of writing, both the models are out of stock.

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17 thoughts on “Xiaomi Mi 10400mAh Power Banks Giveaway

  1. Awesome giveaway. Sharing on Facebook & on Twitter ( @ankitlunia2011) .I am sure u will reach 1000 subscribers by 28th. I am trying my best to promote it .Wish to win this power bank.

  2. Great ggiveway coz its a much needed gadget nowadays and at a time when Xiaomi is really stirring the space with some reasonable priced phones and accessories. Hope to win.. Never won aa giveaway

  3. Compared to other brands its low cost and best option to have all the smartphone users.
    Shared on my fb status. My friends will know and get an opportunity to win.
    Hoping I will win

  4. Chota Pack and Bada Dhamaka. Very convenient to hold and carry. Definitely a must have accessories to every mobile. Impressive. More colour options could have been appreciated. Thanks to Techpp for updating us about gadgets and software and Happy Giveaway.

  5. The Mi 10400mAh Power Bank and Mi 5200mAh Power Bank feature textured anodised aluminium casings,and can sustain a weight pressure of up to 50kgs. It can withstand at least 5,000 Micro-USB and 1,500 USB insertion and removal cycles, and feature dual-battery technology from LG and Samsung

  6. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”
    The first and the foremost reason which made me to fall in love.
    & The flat design, the clean look, colors, everything looks damn fine!

    Thanks TechPP for presenting such a Lovely video .

  7. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway! 🙂
    Done all the steps that were mentioned.
    I’m hoping to win one of these power-banks 🙂

  8. Hai nice stuff great explanation got my mi3 and ear plugs -made in tiawan costs Rs.220.00 in the market..waiting to get my hands on the 10400 mha powet bank..keep up the good work..

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