Yahoo has recently published a new study on how Android users interact with their phones daily. The infographic that you see below contains a lot of interest stats that highlight some interesting statistics that are worth knowing. As the total numbers of Android users worldwide is said to near 1 billion this fall, it’s nice to see some stats that show new information about their behavior.


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The report revealed that on an average, Android users have 95 apps on their devices and use about 35 apps throughout the day. Despite releasing the stats only for Aviate (launcher) users, the report does offer a pretty good insight at how Android users interact with their devices. Here are the most important highlights revealed by the infographic:

  • Facebook usage rises throughout the day
  • Phone & SMS are used most heavily during the work hours
  • Netflix steadily rises during the day
  • Weather usage peaks in the morning and evening as people plan for their days
  • Calendar usage peaks in the morning
  • Productivity App rises in the morning and stays steady throughout the day and then goes down in the evening
  • Clock App usage goes up in the night when people try to set up the alarm
  • Transportation and Weather App usage spikes in the morning and evening
  • Finance App rises steadily in the morning and then tapers
  • Google Maps usage peaks high during the evening
  • Media & video usage goes up steadily throughout the day, as users spending their evenings relaxing with videos
  • Calendar App usage goes up in the morning and bumps high during the lunch timing

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