The V.BTTN is touted as the world’s first wearable button that can be completely customized to your needs. You have to pair it with a Bluetooth LE 4.0 compatible smartphone, tablet or PC, and then it can be programmed to ‘remotely trigger any action that can be imagined’.
V.BTTN is a device that is open to development, so developers are invited to create an apps for iOS, Android, PC and MAC OS devices that are Bluetooth Smart Ready. This tiny device is in its infancy, but it has great potential, as it allows you to do a lot of things with it.

You can use V.BTTN  as remote shutter trigger for your smartphone or as a remote control to start and stop recording. This wearable device comes from VSN Mobil and is available now for $59.99. The button comes with short and long press options, and even gesture support thanks to a built-in accelerometer. So, these can be used in order to trigger all sort of actions on your devices.

V.BTTN is just a button and you can stick it in your pocket or bag and carry it around with you. You can attach it to clothing or hardware, or a keychain. It’s also waterproof and robust, which means it should be able to come with rough handling. Also, there’s no charging needed, as the device is powered by a standard, replaceable CR­2032 watch battery.

At the moment, it comes with only a few apps available, but their number will definitely grow in the future. You can use the Walkie Talkie app to start and stop voice recording whenever you like and with Click-Shot you can take still photos. All in all, it’s a really cool concept and it’s worth keeping an eye on.

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