In case you’re not familiar with KickStarter, this is a platform that lets an entrepreneur share his project idea with general public, while hoping to get funded. It basically is a crowdfunding system that allows for some of the greatest ideas in the world to receive the money they need to turn it into reality.

There currently are 13 different categories that one can apply for, and they include technology, games, design, photography, writing, etc. Just to celebrate the success of a few projects and thank Kickstarter for doing a great job at helping talented people, we compiled a list of the most successful projects ever. Mind you, they’re not necessarily the most funded, but simply the most interesting and remarkable ones.


Pebble – the e-paper watch for iPhones and Android phones

Also the most funded project on Kickstart at the moment, this project has been extremely successful. It attracted a lot of interest and comments from those who helped funding it, it got shared over social media, and most visitors turned into little helpers that made the project go ahead.

To put it shortly, the Pebble e-paper watch can be paired with a smartphone running on iOS and Android. Once you do this using Bluetooth, you will start receiving SMS and phone-call notifications directly on the watch.

The initial goal they were looking to meet was around $100,000, but what they finally got at is $10,266,845. Thanks to the successful campaign they organized, the smartwatch can now be purchased for $150 on Best Buy or Amazon.

The Form 1 3D Printer


This 3D printer is another great project posted under the technology section. It raised about $2,945,885 while their initial purpose was to only raise $100,000. The same as the previous one, this is an idea that a bunch of smart people came up with to make life a lot easier. In this case, they’re trying to simplify the work or designers or lab workers.

Being considered to be the first affordable 3D print with high resolution, it isn’t really that cheap either. It costs about $3,300 at the moment, but that definitely sounds more acceptable for schools and labs than most others options on the market.

It is based on the stereolithography technology that helps you get identical and yet beautiful and functional parts for all of your needs. A good indicator of their success is the fact that they moved from being on Kickstarter to having their own website that gets thousands of visitors every month.

Ouya – a different kind of Game Console

In the games category, we have a great game console that was created by a bunch of guys who raised $8,596,474. Their initial goal was set at $950,000, so they managed to overcome that by quite a bit. Being the first open-source console for Android, it’s now being sold on most websites for $99.

The fact that Ouya has now turned into a brand by itself, and people from all over the world write reviews and talk about it on forums is quite a big deals for the creators of this game console. You can find out more about its features here or look it up on Amazon, Best Buy, Target or even Game Stop.

The Project to Save the Historic Catlow Theatre


When it comes to theatre, a great project that didn’t take long to become popular is the one created to rescue the historic Catlow Theatre. Being close to becoming extinct, this is definitely more than just a nice building, but a small theatre owned by a couple.

Tim O’Connor and his fiancée, Roberta Rapata was trying hard to save their theatre, but the high demands of the digitalized world we live in were hard for them to meet. They needed $100,000 in order to upgrade all of the visual and audio equipment. What they received was $175,395 and a large amount of people interested in their theatre.

Apart from the fact that their project got funded, and they reached their goal, this is an amazing example of how things can go viral. Tim’s page on Kickstarter didn’t just help them get the money they needed, but it also spread the word about a place that didn’t get that much attention from the public. Well done, guys!

The Veronica Mars Movie Project

In the film & video category, we have a project that definitely needed a lot of money, but received more than double. Making a movie is not something that you can do with $100,000, which is why they asked for $2,000,000. The amazing thing that happened is that the idea became super popular in just a few months, and it managed to raise $5,702,153.

The project also broke the record in terms of maximum amounts of fund that such a page raised in the past. Kristen Bell is the one who started this project, and she wanted to come up with a movie as a follow-up to the series she previously created: Veronica Mars.

Not only did she get the funds she needed, but the movie has also been aired and hit the theatres around the world. It became available to the public in early 2014 and since that moment on, it doesn’t stop getting reviews and votes on most popular film websites.

ARKYD Space Telescope – the First Public one

Something that went into the photography section, but is certainly more on the science side is the ARKYD telescope project. This one raised $1,505,366 while the goal initially was to raise $100,000. They decided to call it the “first publicly available telescope”, and what’s cool about it is that anyone can take their own photos in space.

In case you’re wondering how it works, you should know that it has an onboard display that can instantly show you the pictures you’re taking. This way, you will also get a photo for yourself, rather than just recording it on the computer.

One clear indicator of this project’s success is the fact that they had to extend the deadline just because it became so popular. It got funded in July 2013, but people haven’t stopped talking about it since then – the internet is a clear proof.

Amanda Palmer’s latest album

If you know Amanda Palmer, you probably know that she’s funny, smart and tends to come up with great songs that most people love. It also happens that she had a pretty bad experience with a major music label in the past. Given than situation, she decided to fund her new album differently.

It didn’t just work, but it turned into a pretty good lesson for all artists out there – that they can do it on their own, too. The Grand Theft Orchestra was the album that raised $1,192,793 while the goal was to only gather $100,000.

This is how she managed to fund her album, but also the art book and tour, the promotion and distribution. Being so happy with her experience with Kickstarter, she gave a TED talk about it that you can see on the TED website.

The 10-year Hoodie Project


The famous hoodie project that rose $1,053,830 instead of $50,000, as they hoped to, is more of a protest than an actual project. It can be found as part of the fashion category on Kickstarter, and it stands up against all the expensive clothes that are made using cheap materials.

They also stood against the fact that clothes have to be thrown away after a year or two because they get damaged more and more easily. For this reason, they came up with a hoodie that’s “built for a life”, is unisex, has a story to tell and is 100% made in the United States.

Being a little more than just a great fashion idea trying to raise money so they could turn it into reality, it’s no surprise that it became really successful. This is another good example of how things can go viral, and how such a project can turn into a lesson teaching everyone a little something.

Project Eternity

In the video games category, one of the best projects ever created on Kickstarter was the one for Eternity. The game now has a website of its own, and it became popular among most digital games fanatics around the world. It also managed to raise $3,986,929 instead of$73,986.

It started as a new role-playing game idea, but it mixed imagination and magic with the classical RPG’s that everyone loves in such games. This is apparently what got so many people to love it, apart from the fact that it has a great story behind it, and their presentation came up into a pretty convincing video.

The Ballet’s Greatest Hits Documentary


Last but not least, something quite educational that went into the Dance category is the project for Ballet’s Greatest Hits’ Gala. The whole point of the project was to educate the coming generation on what ballet really is about.

For this reason, they planned to create a documentary as their key ingredient. This one got $38,752 instead of the initial $35,000, which was more than enough for what they wanted to do. Given all the support they received, the performance came up live at the beginning on 2012. They didn’t stop there, though, and you can see their latest updates here.


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