A few years back, smart lightbulbs were perceived as rare and expensive gadgets, but now there are so many out there. Some of the most notorious ones come from such companies as LG, Samsung or Philips but there are plenty other ingenious ones that can be activated even using your own voice.
Now we’re talking about another one which comes with an interesting concept that makes it stand apart from the rest. The Alba bulb is being promoted as the world’s first responsive lightbulb, as it comes with embedded sensors that allow it to intelligently respond to the surrounding world. Unlike most similar devices, Alba is aware of what’s going on in your home and changes accordingly.

Alba is basically a sensor-packed illuminator that changes brightness and color based on the time of day, location and even who’s present in the room. When you are waking up, it will greet you with cooler, more natural white hues and will switch to relaxing warm colors when it’s late. What’s really cool is that it can dim or shut off the lights when there’s a lot of ambient light or if nobody’s home.

Thus, it makes sure you’re not wasting electricity when there’s no need for it.  Of course, it comes with a mobile app that you can use to tweak the settings.

The goal of the team behind Alba is to make you get your phone out of the pocket as less as possible, as this smart bulb tries to learn your behavior. According to Stack, the company who developed Alba, your average annual savings could be between $670 to $710.

You can already pre-order the Alba system before its official launch in early 2015. However, it’s not that affordable, as you will have to pay $150 for a starter kit with two bulbs and a hub and $60 for every additional bulb.


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