When the BlackBerry Passport was introduced, it featured an innovation that many OEMs seem to have forgotten about – improved call quality. And even if various carriers out there have HD Voice plans, major breakthroughs haven’t been made from the company that are making phones. That’s where Cypher steps in, a startup which thinks it can make your phone make crystal-clear calls.
Cypher is making use of its proprietary voice isolating software which is said to elevate call quality, even if the environment is quite noisy. The company has spent the past two years working on software that can isolate a person’s voice. The startup says that this is different from the standard practice of eliminating or canceling out sound waves. With their innovative technology, they say that Cypher can cut background noise by 99 percent, improving call quality regardless of how loud the surrounding is.

Cypher CEO John Walker said the following:

“We engage in voice conversations in places that are less and less ideal as we become more and more mobile. That’s really where the opportunity for this has come up.”

And what’s really interesting is that Cypher’s technique is purely based on software that can be added to any smartphone. The startup managed to achieve this by creating pattern-recognition algorithms that can understand and lock onto the basic elements of human speech. At the moment, the company is in talks with chipmakers, phone carriers and device makers.

John Yoon, Cypher’s vice president of product design, says:

“We have the potential, in our own way, to contribute to saving lives — not having to repeat a message, being able to get your message out”

Cypher sees its technology being used in public safety, by military personnel, firefighters and even police officers. Cypher’s software was able to process an audio file of human speech mixed with the sound of gunfire, ‘cleaning’ the human speech so well, that there was almost no sound of the surrounding sounds.

Go ahead and visit Cypher’s website and hear for some examples yourself and let us know what you think of this technology.



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