Lenovo is a company that’s known for its PC division, but it has slowly but steadily moved into new markets. The company is still regarding as a new player in the mobile business, but it’s already eying the fast-growing market of wearables, as well.
Previous rumors hinted that a Lenovo Smartband was in the works, and now the activity tracker has surfaced at the FCC. A couple of photos and a user manual have been published, so we can we a preview of its looks and features. Just like pretty much any Bluetooth-based activity tracker out there, it will be able to provide stats of your running, heart rate and sleep habits. It’s expected to synchronize with Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices.

It comes with the same black-and-orange design that’s present in the Yoga line of laptops. The regulatory listing also suggests that it may go seven days between charges. Of course, this will be reduced when certain functions are used. The fitness tracker is also said to hold data for seven days before needing to sync with a mobile device.
The smartband has an optical heart-rate monitor situated on the rear of the device, and features a training mode for running activities. The wearable will display the distance run and time spent running, as well as the number of calories burned. It’s also possible to set a workout reminder and a sleep reminder, as well.

The device will also notify the user of incoming calls and texts by vibrating and showing the name and number of the person trying to get in touch. At this point, we have no clue as to what price it will have nor when is it going to see the daylight.

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