When driving to a new place, we usually take our GPS devices or our smartphones, tablets to assist us on the road. But one of the annoying problems is that we have to mount them on the windshield, which is is usually making driving less comfortable and even dangerous.


That’s where Radmo steps in – a basic mount for mobile, mini-tablet and GPS devices that fits right into your car’s CD player, leaving the windwshield space untouched. I personally have encountered this problem so it’s now wonder why the product is already so successful – it has raised already more than $100,000, which is ten times the initial goal of $10,000.

Radmo literally takes just seconds to assemble and is adjustable for any phone size up to mini-tablets. Besides keeping the windshield clear, it also doesn’t sit on the dashboard where the airbags are located. Of course, Radmo alos allows you to charge your device while driving.

The mount is made of pure nylon, which means it will resist to tough rides. However, what I didn’t manage to find from the product description is this – what happens if your car doesn’t have a CD player anymore? Because from what I know, many newer models are being without that, and they have an USB slot for listening to music. Another concern might be related to the air coming from the AC vents.

Initially available for just $16, Radmo mount is now available for as low as $20 for smartphones, along with free shipping worldwide. It has an estimated delivery for November, this year, because this is a very simple product. For $25, you get a Radmo mount with Coated Metal base for devices up to 8-inch, which is perfectly suitable for small tablet or GPS devices.

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