Xiaomi has been selling Redmi 1S in truckloads in India ever since the Chinese OEM launched the budget android smartphone back in July this year. The phone packs a great value for the price it sells for (our review here). But some users in India have been complaining about the overheating issue in Redmi 1S and RAM availability in MIUI. And finally, Xiaomi claims to have found a fix for these with the newly available OTA update (v45).


The changelog of the MIUI JHCMIBH45.0 update mentions these three important points:

  • Added thermal control to prevent the device from heating
  • Optimized RAM usage to prevent background apps from getting killed
  • Improved the security of cloud messaging

In our gaming review, we did find out that MIUI was consuming more RAM than usual, resulting in force-closing of some apps and games. Xiaomi India team (including Hugo Barra himself) got in touch with us to understand the issue and promised a fix for it. Though we didn’t find our unit of Redmi 1S heating up more than usual, many of you did complain about it. This new update should hopefully fix both the issues.

The update is about 515MB and is available over-the-air. Hugo Barra lists out the fixes made to the Indian build of Redmi 1S in the forum thread here. He mainly talks about controlling the device temperature to around 38-deg C which in turn results in better battery life, optimizing RAM usage in MIUI which in turn results in noticeable improvements and fix for frame rate drops and UI lag.

Let us know if this latest OTA update fixes (or improves) the overheating and RAM consumption issues on your Redmi 1S. We’ll try to take your feedback directly to Xiaomi India team.

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