The world around us is getting more connected with each day, thanks to smartphones and tablets, but also thanks to the rise of wearable and Internet of Things devices. And this technological revolution isn’t getting pass your … luggage. A while ago, we talked about Trakdot, a company that’s making trackers for  bags, suitcases and luggages. But now a fresh startup is here to take the concept further.


Bluesmart is currently seeking crowdfunding on Indiegogo to bring to consumers the “world’s first smart, connected carry-on.” To put it shortly, Bluesmart is a small suitcase priced at $235 which comes with a proximity tracking alert, a TSA-approved lock that’s controlled by your smartphone and a built-in battery to charge your gadgets. It claims to charge your phone 6 times over with this built-in battery.

The handle also comes with a scale that tells you how much your bag weighs just by lifting it off the ground. But not that’s not all, as there’s a quick-access compartment for storing your laptop or tablet, as well. Bluesmart can connect with such services like TripIt and it can also offer location alerts if your luggage gets re-routed or stolen.

Besides all these features, with the Bluesmart app you can also get real-time reports with trends and data from your trips, including miles traveled, airports visited, time per country, and much more.

As for the bare product itself, it comes with 3 layers of polycarbonate which should make it pretty resistant and lightweight. It also comes with waterproof zippers and polyurethane covering. The handle is made of anodized aluminum and there are 4 spinner wheels instead of the traditional 2 for increasing the rolling area.

At the moment, the team behind Bluesmart has managed to get almost $150,000, which is thrice bigger than their initial $50,000 goal. And there are still 35 days left, so this has all the chances to reach a much bigger amount. The estimated retail price is said to be around $450, so now is the perfect time to get it.

If you’re a frequent flyer, then this is a product well-made that’s perfectly suitable for you. Not only does it come with smart features, but it also looks built wisely and seems reliant enough. Have a look at the video from below to see the product in action.

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