Not so many years ago, for millions of mobile customers, Nokia was the first brand that came to their mind when looking to buy a phone. For many others, Nokia was just synonymous to phone, but those days are long gone, alas. When Microsoft bought off Nokia’s phone business, many called it the ‘death of Nokia’; and now it seems that we’re getting closer and closer to that moment.


It might be just a change of name, but that’s all that it matters, right? If Apple would be acquired by, say, Lenovo, would it still count that the same employees work for Lenovo? No, it’s about the brand, it’s about the huge power that lies behind it. And now Microsoft is ready to engulf pretty much all that Nokia means.

Nokia’s Lumia smartphone brand will become part of the Microsoft family, which means that everything labelled with ‘Nokia’ will be changed to Microsoft – websites, apps, packaging and its devices. However, I am really wondering what would appeal to people more – Nokia branded devices or Microsoft ones?

Personally, I think that what consumers are more familiar with are Nokia phones than devices made under the Microsoft name. For many average consumers, Microsoft is the company that makes Windows and Microsoft Office. However, only time will be the judge. Tuula Rytilä, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Phones at Microsoft said the following about the first release of a Microsoft Lumia-branded device:

” I wouldn’t comment on future product announcements, but what I can say is that that we are looking forward to unveiling a Microsoft Lumia device soon. This is of course a natural progression as all devices that once came from Nokia now come from Microsoft.”

And if you were wondering, current Nokia Lumia smartphones won’t be obsolete as Microsoft will continue offering support. Sales of Nokia-branded units will most likely continue until they deplete the stocks. Also, Microsoft said it will continue to sell entry-level Nokia-branded phones, such as the Nokia 130.

The harsh truth is that not too much remains of Nokia, after its devices and services division has been acquired by Microsoft. So, you should go ahead and download the Nokia Here Maps and use it with pride on your smartphone, because it could be among the last ‘Nokia’ things to see on the market.

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