Google released the Nexus 5 at the end of October in 2013, and now one more than one year after, it seems that the company plans to stop producing it. Now, according to fresh information coming from XDA-Developers website, it seems that Google will soon stop producing Nexus 5 smartphones. The massive Nexus 6 is already out, so perhaps the company wants to drive its customers towards the newer version.


One customer said he has been trying to replace a black Nexus 5, waiting a month for it to come back in stock. He contacted the Google support team and they informed him that Nexus 5 unit won’t be produced anymore. Instead, Google will offer only refurbished handsets and will perhaps continue to sell the current units until the stock is depleted. Here’s how the email he received looks like.


The Nexus 6 briefly went on sale just last week and it sold out in minutes. Still, those that managed to pre-order have yet to receive a confirmed arrival date and now with the production of the Nexus 5 being stopped, it seems that for a short while customers won’t be able to purchase a Nexus smartphone from the official maker.

However, the US Play Store shows both 16GB and 32GB black versions in stock, but the 32GB version is missing from the UK Play Store. So, most likely this means that Google will keep selling the device until it depletes its stock. After that, consumers will be probably not able to get a Nexus 5 at various retailers and on online shopping sites.

Google did the same thing with the Nexus 4 one year ago, when it stopped selling the device just a few days before unveiling the Nexus 5. This time, however, the Nexus 5 is being discontinued after the newest member of the family has been officially announced.

Update: There’s a possibility that Google is stopping the production of only the 32GB version of Nexus 5, as the XDA user above was asking for a replacement of 32GB Nexus 5. We will be contacting LG/Google for clarification and will update this article accordingly.

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