There are so many home security systems out there, that it is pretty hard for the average consumers to decide which one is the bet of them all. And truth be told, there isn’t one that we could unanimously agree on being the best. Each of them has its ups and downs and it’s good that there’s a wide range of choices to be made. One of the newest products is Point, a home security tool that wants you to get rid of surveillance cameras.

Described as a smart house sitter, Point listens to the sounds of your home, senses what’s in the air and lets you know if anything is wrong. The guys behind Point say that they wanted to create a product with a a’softer, more balanced take on security’.


Point is just about the size of the palm of your hand, which means it will blend in to any home, anywhere and won’t interfere with the design of your home. What makes this new product stand apart is that it requires little interaction from the user side for it to work. It listens to the sounds of your home, senses the indoor environment, and analyses the air. Then it translates all data into information you care about and notifies you of windows breaking, alarms ringing, or the presence of smoke.

You can even instruct Point how to respond to certain events: it could glow red if it detects cigarette smoke, or sound an alarm in case of windows breaking. Users can communicate with Point through their smartphone, but it also comes with a speaker and lights for immediate feedback when you are home.

It will even work with friendly reminders, so for example, you can set Point to glow yellow when the volume goes above thresholds you set, just to make sure your neighbors don’t get angry. Besides detecting smoke and other dangerous fumes, it also comes equipped with a temperature sensor. It can even sense elevated humidity levels in the air which could be caused by a water leak from broken pipes or blocked ventilation systems.

Point works on regular, replaceable batteries and it should last for more than a year under normal conditions. You can set up various IFTTT recipes to work with Point and it will also get along with Lockitron, a mobile keyless door locking system that we talked about a while ago.

Point will have apps for iOS and Android, and a web client that will be compatible with Blackberry, Windows Phone and others. Right now, you can get one Point device for just $69 and then it will increase $79; however, it’s still much cheaper than its retail price as the team says ‘Point will never be this affordable in retail’.

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