One of India’s long-proposed cyber defense projects, the National Cyber Coordination Center (NCCC), is finally becoming reality, according to a recent story from DefenseWorld publication. It seems that the government of India has decided to allocate around $16.2 million to increase cyber security and cyber defense in the country, $13 million alone will be aimed at the implementation of the NCCC project. india-cyber-security

NCCC’s would help the country deal with malicious cyber-activities and act as an Internet traffic monitoring entity that can fend off domestic or international attacks. Of course, it needs to be used just for those purposes, as it could become a real privacy invading tool. Officials from the Indian government have confirmed that it will be used for cyber defense purposes alone.

India’s department of electronics and information technology seeks approval for two additional projects; with one being aimed at making the government’s email system stronger  and the other one designed to tackle the problem of the botnets. India’s government email could be made more secure by increasing encryption, especially since Prime Minister Narendra Modi is pushing for increased use of technology in the government’s daily activities.

The second project would determine the extent of a botnet and its infrastructure, and take it down so that it won’t impact the end users. India has recently emerged as one of the top 10 sources of bot-nets in the world, so this new project will help find where botnets come from and will destroy them.  Telecommunications and Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said recently the following:

“We are going to beef up our investment in cyber security. And we will very soon go to the Cabinet with that. Security is very important and we are insisting on it at the international level,”

The new National Cyber Coordination Center is expected to be formed by the end of 2015.

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