Traditional bulbs are so passé, as pretty much everything inside our homes is becoming smarter these days. Smart lightbulbs are taking over, with various functions and specific features, with some of them being activated by voice and others adapting to the surrounding world by changing color and brightness.


BeON is yet another smart lightbulb with a unique feature – it intelligently simulates and occupied home in order to keep burglars away. Even more, it can listen to the doorbell and turn on the lights in sequence. It also comes with back-up power which keeps your lights on during an outage, a feature that’s helpful not just against potential intruders but also for yourself.

In case of smoke inside the house, it comes with exit lighting features, lighting your way out of the house even if lights are turned off. BeON lightbulbs will also gradually fade out when turned on and will brighten gradually as you enter the room. You can also set the nightlight mode, without having to resort to the smartphone app.

The BeON Burglar Deterrent system installs just like normal light bulbs and works with your existing wall switches. The BeON system can be set up and operated with one finger and your BeON family of bulbs will take over from there by using a Bluetooth mesh network that will extend the range of the bulb network throughout your house.

For $229, you will get a 3-pack BR30 style BeON Burglar Deterrent which is perfect for an apartment or small home and for $395, you will get a pack of 6 BeON smart lightbulbs.


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