It’s time to scan the Google Play Store for new worthy Android apps and games. Go ahead and check out the list from the previous week, as we had such title as Civilization Revolution 2, PS4 Remote Play, Nook Audiobooks, Disney Movies Anywhere and more. This time we also have some a good mix of apps and games for owners of Android smartphones and tablets. So, let’s have a look at them!

Google Messenger (Free) google-messenger

Google thinks there is still room left for yet one more free messaging application. The new Google Messenger app is an obvious take on WhatsApp, but as it looks right now, it’s pretty solid effort from the company. By using the app, it’s possible to send and receive SMS and MMS messages to any phone. Users can also send group texts as well as pictures, videos and even audio messages to your contacts. The app features a fluid, material design which is a serious challenge to other similar products.

The Economist Espresso (Free)

The-Economist-EspressoMore and more people use their smartphones and tablets to check for news. If you are one of them and you are interested in economics, politics and world news, you need to try out the new The Economist Espresso app for Android. The app will bring a morning briefing from the editors of The Economist and nrand new content delivered 5 days a week. You will be able download it for free with access to one article daily for non-subscribers. The Economist is one of the most respected sources in business, finance and politics.

Getaways by Groupon (Free)Getaways-by-Groupon

With the new Groupon Getaways Hotel & Travel Deals app, Android users can get exclusive deals on their smartphones and tablets. The new app allows users to book and redeem exclusive Getaways and find last-minute hotels deals available only on the app. It is possible to search for deals by date, location, and even trip type. Android users can also sign in and pay with their Groupon account as there’s no need to re-register. So, if you’re looking find some great travel deals, this is a must-have app.

XCOM: Enemy Within ($12.99)

XCOM-Enemy-Within2K Games has recently released the official XCOM Enemy Within game for Android users which has been expected for a long time now. XCOM: Enemy Within improves the previous Enemy Unknown version with new soldier abilities, weapons and rquipment, enemy threats, strategic resource, story elements and new multiplayer maps, units, and abilities. Users can also create a custom squad from a wider choice of options. The games isn’t cheap, that’s for sure, but it will appeal mainly to those that have bought previous versions, as well.

Angry Birds Transformers (Free)Angry-Birds-Transformers

Rovio has made a tradition out of releasing new Angry Birds sequels with different themes. The latest one, Angry Birds Transformers, is targeting fans of the Transformers movie series. You now play with Autobirds where Red is Optimus Prime and Chuck is Bumblebe and they fight against the EggBots. User will be able to unlock a roster of heroes and villains with unique attacks and abilities and will be able to transform their autobirds into different types of vehicles. You can get stronger weapons and new abilities for every Transformer and even forrow a friend’s character.

Assassin’s Creed Unity (Free)

Assassin’s-Creed®-Unity-AppCompanion apps are already becoming a sure thing for big game releases. That’s why Ubisoft has made available the Assassin’s Creed Unity app which enhances the gaming experience by using a smartphone or tablet. By using this app, Android users can navigate around a fully 3D map, place a Helix marker to plan missions, easily locate themselves, co-op friends and enemies, and see map updates. Users will also be able to discover famous Paris landmarks on the Companion World Map, and solve their hidden glyph puzzles for exclusive missions.

Battle of Heroes (Free)Battle-of-Heroes

A new game from Ubisoft, Battle of Heroes is an appealing game set in a fantasy world. Android player will get to train lethal units, control powerful Heroes and cast spells in multiplayer online battles. You can fight to gain new Heroes then upgrade their skills and spells and train 5 types of units with unique skills. User can create their own citadels and strengthen its defenses by assigning archers to guard city walls and gates. The games comes with impressive 3D graphics and it’s worth checking out for fans of the genre.

TwoDots (Free)

two-dotsTwoDots has enjoyed tremendous success on iOS devices and it is now being released for Android users, as well. This is one of those minimalist, incredibly simple mobile games with millions of downloads. Your mission consists in joining two brave dots as they ‘traverse the arctic tundra, navigate fiery jungles, and plunge the ocean depths’. The game comes with 135 fun and addicting levels that will definitely keep you glued to your screen.

Puzzle Quest 2 (Free)Puzzle-Quest-2

Bandai Namco has released Puzzle Quest 2 for Android players with some nice improvements. This games lets users rExperience ‘the ultimate Match 3 puzzle adventure’ and also allows to customize your characters with 4 classes in both genders. Users get to explore an immense and immersive fantasy RPG world mixed with the gameplay of a classic puzzle game. It’s an unusual mix of two different gaming genres that has appealed to so many until now.

Endless Doves (Free)

Endless-DovesEndless Doves is a game that reminds of the impossibility of Flappy Bird, so if you enjoyed it, then you will be excited with this one. Your mission is to collect birds and beat the scores of friends and people you don’t even know! The game is based on the hit game ‘8 bit Doves’ but comes with many improvements and graphics changes.

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