Not everybody loves ads, but that’s how almost all web publishers manage to survive and make a profit. And that’s how Google has managed to make billions of dollars so far. But now the search giant is taking a different approach with the new Google Contributor Program. So, instead of having to deal with ads, those who use Contributor will be able to donate between $1 and $3 per month to see Contributor partner sites without any advertising.


Of course, that money goes to the participating sites, but it’s not sure for how much of Google’s cut is. After all, not only the websites will lose money, but also Google. Since the program is still in its infancy, there are just a few partners that have been announced by Google. Some of the most popular ones are Mashable, The Onion, Science Daily, Imgur, WikiHow, and Urban Dictionary.

So, when a user goes to the Google Contributor website, he sees a list of the publishers that are participating in the beta version and then he can can choose the amount he wants to contribute – $1, $2 or $3 a month. Now, I have to wonder if one visitors is ‘worth’ that much or it’s actually less or more. But that’s why this is labeled as an experiment, so that Google could assert whether it will lose money or not with this new method.

If you want to try out Contributor, you can sign up to join the waitlist now. After you have paid your monthly dues, the participating sites will display thank you messages or pixel patterns instead of ads. While Google has expanded its reach into more markets, its main business still remains in online advertising, so we wonder what the company is trying to achieve with this move.

Google is also inviting other content creators or publishers to try out the program. With this new tool, Google is trying to help web publishers and content companies monetize their traffic with new ways.


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