Pretty much all the devices in our homes are becoming smarter and smarter, and now it seems that it is the turn of the mundane frying pan. Pantelligent is a smart frying pan that is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter. The pan can monitor the temperature and communicate with your smartphone, thus letting you know when the food is done. With its temperature sensors, the team behind Pantelligent hopes it will help you forget about overcooked, undercooked, or burned food.


Pantelligent also comes with dozens of recipes which include time and temperature profiles for the smartphone app. So, you get a smart frying pan that keeps the temperature in control and also an app that comes with detailed recipes, tailored to this specific device.

You just need to open the app and then choose what you want to cook. Make sure you have all the ingredients, and when everything is ready, you just need to hit Start Cooking. The app will then keep you updated on how hot the pan is, how hot it should be, and you will also be told when to add ingredients, stir or flip. So, it’s not just the pan that is smart, but the entire cooking process.

If you are experienced with cooking, then you can use the Freestyle mode which lets you see the current temperature of the pan, and set a target temperature on your own. The Pantelligent app will continuously monitor the pan temperature and alert you if it moves away from your desired target. The Pantelligent also monitors the cooking and lets you know when the food is done, so that you won’t forget to turn off the stove.

So if you liked this idea, you can go ahead and get one for yourself for $199. With 45 days still left to go from their crowdfunding campaing, at the time of writing this, the team has already managed to meet its funding goal of $30,000.

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