We usually protect our devices with a PIN code or a pattern, but sometimes it can become really annoying having to do it so often. Google knows that, as well, and that’s why in the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop software version, users are able to automatically turn off this security measure when they are at home or the office.  trusted-places-android-lollipop-smart-lock

Android users can now set “safe” locations in which your device will remain unlocked. So, once you leave that zone, your device will lock and require your security code or pattern to be entered. Setting up a location for Smart Lock is actually very simple, but before that, here are the steps you need to follow to enable Smart Lock first:

  1. Sync your phone or tablet with a Bluetooth device; after this a s Smart Lock notification will appear on your phone or tablet once the two devices have been paired
  2. Now tap where it says “Add as a trusted device”
  3. Click on the Plus icon, select whether it is a Bluetooth or NFC device and choose the device you would like to use

To add trusted places, you will need to launch the Settings app, then select Security from the list and tap on Smart Lock followed by Trusted Places. If you don’t see Trusted Places as an option, then perhaps you have to wait until the Play Services update will pushed to your device.

If you’ve already entered your Home and Work locations into Google Maps or Google Now, you will find them listed with a toggle switch next to each one. You can add more locations by tapping on “add trusted place” and using an interactive map.

Use this really useful feature with caution and only create trusted places for places that you, well, really trust. Even if you visit your favorite pub around the corner almost everyday, it wouldn’t be a good idea to choose it.

Source: Cnet

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