Those of you who own pets most probably know that it’s lots of fun to have a lovable companion to play with and talk to, but it can also get complicated at times. While we all love the great company of a cute kitty or a playful dog, it’s always important to make sure that they’re healthy and happy.

This can be easily done by using the right software or app for you and your pets. To make it easier for you to choose the right ones, we made a list including eight tools that got our attention on the web. We tested them and highlighted some of the most relevant details, so enjoy and let us know what you think when you give them a try!



For whenever you go on holidays and don’t want to leave your pet with someone else, BringFido will be a great helping hand. This tool can be installed for free, and it will allow you to discover some of the best hotels where you could book a room together with your animal friend.

It also includes relevant information regarding pet-friendly places and businesses where you could go with your dog or cat while on your trip. Use it directly on your laptop or PC by accessing their website or install the iOS 7.1 mobile app right now from the iTunes Store.



If you don’t know this one yet, you should definitely check Catbook out. This is a tool that works just like a social network – similar to Facebook, but specialized in cats, it will let you post everything you want about your kitties without annoying anyone anymore.

This way, you will also be informed about what about cat owners around the world do, make new friends or stay in touch with your friends who own kitties. It’s a great way to always know what the latest trends in terms of cat outfits are, what games you could play with your cat and how to keep her healthy and happy. You can use it on any Mac or PC directly in the web browser, but it can also be installed as an app on iOS 5.1 devices.

Dog Translator

It may not always be the most accurate way to understand what your dog is trying to say, but Dog Translator is certainly a fun app to have on your mobile device. By simply placing the smartphone close enough to the dog, you can easily record what he’s barking about.

You will then have to click on the Translate button and have access to the translation in just a few seconds. The translations only come in English for now, but you can take advantage of this amazing tool for free on your iOS v6.1/later devices.



DogVacay is a free app that will be useful for pet owners. This one comes in English and is compatible with most iOS 6.0/later devices, including the iPhone 5, many iPads and the iPod Touch. To summarize, this tool is great for whenever you go away for business or holidays, as it lets you find a pet lover to take care of your pet, be it a dog, hamster, cat or snake.

By searching for available carers in your area, DogVacay will find the most suitable person for you and your pet. You will then be able to stay in touch with them and keep track of what the dog is doing while you’re away. All updates will be easily communicated through the app, so you will know if the pet is having fun, got sick or met the love of his life.

Pet First Aid

Launched by Jive Media, Pet First Aid is a great tool to use in order to make sure that you favorite pets are safe and healthy. By including a wide variety of articles and data on bleeding, drowning, poisoning, burns, bites, medicine and many others, this app will be a lifesaver whenever you’re away from your computer.

It is now available on the Google Play Store, and all you’ll need is $0.99 and version 2.3/up of this operating system. In case you own an iPhone or iPad, you can also install this app if your device is powered by iOS 6.0.

petMD Symptom Checker


A free diagnosis app that you can use for your pet no matter if you own a dog, cat, horse, fish or anything else is petMD. This one lets you look up symptoms by using simple keywords and guides you into understanding what they could mean in your specific case. You will then be directed to links with additional information and lists of medicine that could be useful as a first-aid.

You can use this tool directly on a PC or laptop, as the website offers plenty of useful articles and data on various symptoms and diseases. If you want to make sure that you always have access to the right information no matter where you are, you might want to install the Android 2.3.3 or iOS 7.0 devices for free.


Dosecast is a cool and very complex app that reminds you what medicine your pet needs to take and when. You can easily create a list of the drugs you need for your cat or dog, insert the dosage, add photos and any other remarks that make it easier for you to remember when in need.

While the free version only lets you use its features for pills, the premium one allows users to add and track any kind of medication including, drops, inhalers, sprays and patches. It can definitely be a lifesaver at times, and you can easily install it on your iPhone or iPad if they’re powered by iOS 6.0. It can also be installed on Android 2.2 devices, and you’ll be able to choose between a couple of different languages to use it in.



Within the same category, there is an app called Puptox that specialized in dogs and cats only. If you own any other kind of pets, you will unfortunately not be able to find any relevant data here, but you can use any of the previous apps.

Puptox includes information about over 250 items that could harm your pet, and they are set by category – you can only look at the dogs section if you have a dog, for example. The pet-toxicity references are also nicely organized into chemicals, foods & solids, non-foods, etc. You can install this one on your Android 1.6 device, as well as most iOS 5.1 smartphones and tablets, and all you need to do is to pay a $0.99 fee.

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